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Aug-31, 2015
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How To Take Care of Your Saris (Sarees)
Model Wearing a Saree

A sari is an all-time favourite, elegant and popular attire. Not only in India, foreign ladies also prefer to wear sari for special occasions. Saris not only enhance your look, but also show curl and curve beautifully. In India a variety of saris is available, some for daily uses and some for special occasions. Silk and heavy-jury saris are favourites for marriages and special occasions but they are quite expensive. irst and foremost after wearing a sari, depending on fabric, wash it, or dry-clean it. Never keep an uncleaned sari inside the cupboard. Ideally, a silk sari and blouse should [&hellip

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Aug-31, 2015
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Tips for Healthy Nails
Nail Care Tips at Home

Right from a minor itch that needs scratching or gaining a grip over anything, nails play a significant role in our daily life. Still nails are not often given much thought. Healthy nails typically sport a pink shade slightly raised in the middle then curved a bit at the tip. However, sometimes nails may change colour, texture and shape signifying a deficiency of nutrients infection or an underlying health issue. Here are some tips from dermats and beauty experts on what can go wrong with your nails and what diet you should follow to repair them. Brittle discoloured nails: Brittle [&hellip

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Sep-30, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on All You Wanted To Know About Test Tube Babies
Test Tube Babies

Infertility has always been an issue which has brought forth many social and psychological traumas in the society. A childless woman was considered a bad omen on happy occasions in the family. Advances in medical science have come to the aid of such childless couples with the development of various new assisted-reproduction techniques. These medical methods are technically called as assisted reproduction. Assistance in reproduction could be done in various ways. Ovulation induction: Ovulation, which is the release of an egg from the ovary, is not always a regular and predictable event. In fact, nearly 30 per cent of infertility [&hellip

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Sep-29, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | 1 Comment
Fitness Tips

Life begins at 40, they say – especially for women. Thatʼs because it is at this age when women are almost through with their responsibilities and they now have enough free time to rediscover and relive their lives again. It is also the age when the metabolism slows down and needs a boost so that women can be fit and healthy in the coming years of their lives. When diets simply donʼt work alone and energy levels are certainly low, they need to be clubbed with certain food supplements and exercises so as to increase and enhance the metabolic rate. [&hellip

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Jun-25, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Sex and Self-Esteem
Sex and Self Esteem

Sex taboos are disappearing. “A taboo,” says Havellock Ellis, “simply indicates something that is not done.” There are a number of things which were formerly forbidden in society. Huddling and cuddling in public were one. Now, they are no longer. Promiscuity, no wonder, is on the upswing. Youngsters are now ostriches. They coo and woo in public gaze thinking that no one is watching them. These modern ostriches care a damn for taboos of the past. They are rewriting moral codes. Pleasure is the motive. The sexiest song-and-dance sequences shown on various television channels add fuel to the erotic fire. [&hellip

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Apr-07, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Sexual Harassment at Workplace
sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a grave problem that is assuming increasing proportions throughout the world and across all cultures. Sexual harassment is unfortunately, a very common occurrence in workplaces. Irrespective of age, looks, academic qualifications, profession and marital status, sexual harass ment touches the lives of nearly 40-60 per cent of the women at the workplace and violates their basic rights to live and work with dignity. A congenial atmosphere is very necessary for effective working of the employees but sexual harassment can make women feel intimidated, uncomfortable and unsafe. It can have a drastic effect on the performance of the [&hellip

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Apr-07, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Dexterity & Decorum in Dating – Finding Partners of the Opposite Sex
Dinner Dating

Believe it or not, a British mother has hit upon a novel idea to find a suitable partner for her daughter by publishing an article in a London newspaper – Who wants to date my daughter? The question has been intentionally constructed to sound similar to the popular Who wants to be a millionaire?, the original British TV quiz show that inspired the desi Kaun banega crorepati! The catch is that prospective partners need to send in a 500-word essay to Linda Adams, the mother, stating the reasons why they should be allowed to date Sabina, her 24- year-old daughter. [&hellip

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Feb-21, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Why eat out?
dining out

Nowadays, eating at restaurants has become a pretty expensive affair. Every item on the menu has become costlier by a minimum five-10 rupees. Petrol prices are rapidly skyrocketing. Yet, I wonder to see the ever-swelling crowd of dinners and foodies at any little restaurant. This is indeed surprising. Cinema halls and multiplexes aren’t houseful any longer despite Indians being the most ardent cinegoers. Yet, all eateries seem to be bursting at the seams. This dining out culture has become an in-thing. I remember, it used to be a once-in-a-blue moon occasion when my parents would take me to a restaurant, [&hellip

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Jan-08, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Commitments Made Easier – How Not to Let a Break-Up Break You Up
Falling in love

Falling in love and finding commitment are one of the beautiful experiences of life. However, the benefits don’t come across as easily as they might have in the previous century. In the fast-paced world of today, with options like e-dating and the liberty given by parents, youth is easily taking to being quickly involved. While there are abundant advantages, the downsides of being involved, at that young age, outweigh the former. Without realising one’s responsibilities, the required dedication gets missed. Moreover, with the plethora of options available for entertainment, boredom and break-ups are natural. While the parents do realise the [&hellip

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Dec-23, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on 10 Stylish New Year’s Eve Party Ideas
New Year’s Eve

Are you still confused about what to wear to the New Yearʼs Eve party? Whether you party with family, friends or colleagues this New Year, you need an ensemble to stand out. Even if you donʼt want to buy something new, we tell you how to rethink and restyle your old clothes. Here are 10 stylish party options to choose from. Sparkling cocktail dress: Itʼs party time and a sparkling cocktail dress is an amazing outfit that will make heads turn. There are so many options to choose from. If the dress has sequins do not wear a necklace. Instead, [&hellip

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