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Apr-11, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Managing Teenage Anger
Teenage Anger

Managing teenage anger requires expertise which only a few parents possess. A large number of parents just do not know how to handle teenage tantrums, a common cause of friction these days. Teenage, or adolescence, is the most complicated period of our lives. It is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood, when a teenager is neither a child nor an adult, leading to situations where he or she is too old or too young to do something. In the earlier days, joint families took care of the emotional needs of every member of the family. But, today, nuclear [&hellip

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Apr-10, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Bliss of Afterplay

After the sex act, begins the epilogue (the afterglow). This is often overlooked by couples who do not understand, or lack deep feeling for, each other. They turn away from each other. But when it is intense and considerate, afterplay an important part of love-making. Often, it is either slighted or bypassed depriving spouses of rich have of happiness. In a truly harmonious and happy marriage, afterplay attains full appreciation and recognition. However, it is not possible to pin-point this joy-giving phase. It may linger like a good perfume or die away like the final notes of a sweet melody. [&hellip

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Apr-09, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Chat Room Romances
Chat Room Romance

There’s something very romantically mushy about bumping into the person of your dreams in a chat room. A witty banter a la Flizabeth Bennet and William Darcy can be the start of your love story. Words are fraught with myriad emotions and have a great potency to spin a magic yarn. Chatting facilitates every inch of that. Ask a few chatting veterans, many a heart has been broken and mended online. It’s a lonely world out there and finding a virtual friend can be a real boon at times. Friendship turns into love and you find your long-lost soul mate [&hellip

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Apr-05, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Tips to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp
Keep your hair dry

Are you worried about your itchy scalp and the troubles that shoot from it? Is it highly irritable and make you feel unhealthy and awkward to go in public? Nice you want to feel again and be rid of those awful moments of itchiness and dryness in the scalp? Here are a few tips and suggestions to get over this plague and look fresh with your shiny and healthy hair. Check your shampoo May be you use the same brand of shampoo or you might have changed the brand recently or all of a sudden. Your hair may not like [&hellip

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Apr-04, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Make Vacations Fun – Creatively Filling Up Kids Holidays
Holiday Reading

Prior to the summer holidays every day in the newspaper we see lots of advertisements and pamphlets mentioning the summer camps and other activities to engage the children in the summer vacations. Above all, to restrain the nuisance, all parents make it a point to enroll their children in such activities so that they will follow the same routine which they are following at the school time. Although summer camps and other creative and mind developing activities are in vogue, it is a golden opportunity also to spend quality time with your kids. Especially for working parents, summer vacations can [&hellip

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Apr-03, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean
clean bathroom

Do you feel that your bathroom is a neglected area in your house and it needs more concentration? And you are worried that weekends are spent just on cleaning your bathroom and it seems to be a long process? No problem. Here are some tips for you to follow regularly to avoid unwanted hassle in clearing your bathroom and in the course of time, you will find the maintenance as easy and habitual. Sparklingly bright and clean your bathroom too. How? Do it regularly The first thing to remember is regularity in maintaining any room for that matter- bathroom in [&hellip

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Mar-21, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Is Long Distance Relationship a Barrier In Your Love Life?
Does long distance love work?

Heart to heart communication, otherwise known as love, is purely an emotional factor and cannot be decided just upon circumstances and situations. True love stands the test of any eventuality, as it vouchsafes the language of the heart. If so, be it you are physically separated or mentally agonized or you have communication problems with your love, it does not matter. To say in other words, all the barriers between you and your partner can be surmounted and you can overwhelm your spouse with the unspeakable love you bear for your other side despite distance factors.” How” is a million [&hellip

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Mar-18, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | 1 Comment
Beat Pre Menstrual Blues

Do you dread that time of the month? You are not all alone. Millions of women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome. PMS is a condition that causes unpleasant symptoms that occur in the week or two weeks before women’s menstrual cycle. These symptoms go away after the period starts.  Causes of PMS Hormone imbalance and nutritional deficiencies that occur during the transition phase of the reproductive system of the body are the prime contributors to the premenstrual syndrome. The chemicals responsible for transmitting nerve signals are affected by changes in hormonal levels resulting in emotional and psychological symptoms. Symptoms: A vast [&hellip

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Mar-15, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Get Rid Of Your Under Eye Bags and Look Young!
Get Rid Of Your Under Eye Bags and Look Young!

Started looking old with symptoms of old age like wrinkles, grey hair and undereye bags? Want to do something to refresh your looks and look young once again?  Here are some tips to remove your under eye bags and look bright and energetic. Why Do You Get Under Eye Bags? It is not age alone that causes wrinkles and scales under your eyes. There are other causes as well. You may not have sufficient sleep or you may be prone to some kind of allergies. Your lifestyle and food habits may stand in your way of looking dazzling with shining [&hellip

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Mar-11, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Chase the Wrinkles Away
The Smooth Way to A Youthful You

Growing age is a nightmare for everyone, especially women. Wrinkles are the most unpleasant and unwelcome signs of ageing. As we age the skin starts losing the collagen and elastin present in the connective tissue of the skin. Collagen – a protein that strengthens the cells – is important in maintaining youthful skin. When the collagen under the skin starts breaking down and deteriorates, the skin loses its suppleness, elasticity and smoothness. This leads to delicate creases, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. As you grow older the production and strength of collagen diminishes. This is hastened due to many [&hellip

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