25 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

There are lots of questions you should ask your doctor before deciding to have a cosmetic surgery and before deciding that he should be the one who performs it… but will you remember those questions when you are in his office?

Here is checklist of the top 25 questions to ask before surgery of any kind. Cosmetic Surgery

  1. Given my cosmetic goals, what procedures could be used to address them?
  2. What procedures would you most recommend?
  3. Do you specialize in this procedure, how many have you performed?
  4. Are you board certified?
  5. What kind of regular continuing education do you participate in?
  6. What is your safety record are there any malpractice suits against you?
  7. What is your client satisfaction like?
  8. What kind of a result would you expect me to enjoy from the procedure?
  9. Are there before and after pictures of someone who had this procedure who experienced a similar level of success?
  10. How long would this surgery take?
  11. How long would it require me to remain in the hospital?
  12. How soon could I return to work?
  13. Are there permanent side effects?
  14. How often is a second procedure needed?
  15. What prescriptions would I be taking before or after surgery?
  16. Will they effect the other medications that I take?
  17. What are my options to reach this goal if I don’t want to have this specific procedure?
  18. What kind of anesthesia do you use for this procedure?
  19. Can I have a specific list of surgical risks that are associated with this procedure?
  20. What is the recovery like?
  21. Could any of this procedure be deemed medically necessary, and thus billed to my insurance?
  22. What billing options are open to me?
  23. Are there incentives or discounts for paying up front?
  24. Are there incentives or discounts if I have multiple procedures done (i.e. does it cost less if I have liposuction and a tummy tuck?)?
  25. What happens if I am not pleased with my results?


About the Author:
My name is Rod Kelly, a content writer from UK.  I am into Health and write for “Cosmetic Surgery Consultants”, which offer guidance and care using a wide understanding of the newest cosmetic surgery techniques…  You can follow me @thefreshhealth :)

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