7 Accessories That Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Certain accessories should make it into every woman’s closet in order to provide a foundation for throwing an outfit together at the last minute. Since accessories can make or break an outfit, it is important to keep a few essential items in the closet to help you pull off the perfect look each and every time that you go out the door. Fashion Bags

1. A Classic Trench Coat

Offering a timeless look that transcends generations, the classic trench is a must have for any woman’s closet. This is a good alternative when a coat is needed, but a heavier, winter style is too much. The trench is a coat that offers a distinctive appearance that goes well with many different styles of outfits including casual and business casual. In fact, putting a trench coat on completely hides whatever it is that you are wearing underneath, so it’s a great tool for camouflage when you want to hide a rumpled or stained outfit.

2. Black Pumps with Heels

A pair of black shoes can be worn with almost any type of outfit from casual to work to evening wear. In fact, you can pack up a pair of black pumps in an oversized bag and take them with you on a casual outing for which you are wearing flats and switch your shoes for dinner wear. Closed toes with those black pumps offer a classic look that is perfect whether you are wearing a dress or jeans.

3. Ballet Flats

Comfortable and stylish , ballet flats can be worn with almost every type of outfit including those in which you are wearing shorts, pants, skirts, jeans or a dress. One of the most endearing aspects concerning ballet flats is that they are definitely girly in appearance. They are easy to slip on and easy to take off, making them the perfect “quick change” footwear.

4. An Oversized but Classy Bag or Satchel

Every woman can use an oversized bag or satchel for so many different occasions from overnight trips to full-day adventures to shopping outings to so much more. A neutral-colored bag allows you to pair it with a greater number of outfits. Oversized bags can be stylish, while holding lots of daily essentials. They are terrific for days or nights when you want to carry an extra pair of footwear, a wrap, or a quick change of clothes.

5. Dangling Earrings

Dangling earrings can easily be paired up as stylish accents for an endless array of fashionable outfits. Choose silver or grey tone earrings for the best opportunity to match your dangling earrings attractively. They add a touch of dazzle that instantly brightens up any outfit.

6. A Cashmere Wrap

Cashmere offers a touch of luxury. Combining a neutral-colored cashmere wrap with a pair of slacks or a skirt creates an elegant outfit that can be worn with confidence to a luncheon, bridal shower, business meeting, or casual outing. The wrap can also be carried in an oversized bag for those moments when it isn’t needed.

7. The Black Dress

From a funeral service to a gallery showing to an evening gala, the little black dress makes its appearance in numerous places, all the while looking perfectly appropriate. The black dress truly is a staple that should find its way into every woman’s wardrobe. Slip on the black dress and a pair of matching shoes, and you have an outfit that can be worn during the day or evening, depending on the accessories that you select to wear with it.

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