How to Be Beautiful and Fit Without Spending a Penny

Most of us women, whether we admit it or not, desire to be beautiful, fit, and successful. Why else would a lot of us buy all these cosmetics, sign up in fitness gyms, and join different career enhancement seminars? We all want to be empowered and attractive and stay that way forever. The problem is that we don’t always use the proper approach in order to attain these goals, so we end up spending a lot of bucks for them. How can we achieve these aims and save money at the same time?

The Ultimate Beauty and Fitness Secrets

In order for you to be more beautiful, fit, and successful, you need to think of ways to help others. It might sound funny at first but think about it. If you find ways to be productive, you will end up achieving all the objectives mentioned above. Still can’t picture the whole scenario? Here are the secrets to being beautiful, fit, and successful without having to shell out big bucks: Beautiful and Fit

  1. Choose to be happy at all times. – Yes it’s probably easier said than done but it’s not impossible. Find reasons to be happy everyday. Look at things in the positive side rather than dwell on the negative one. It might be hard at first but once you stick to it, you’ll see that it gets easier as time passes by. If you are always happy, you tend to always wear a smile and end up looking even more beautiful than you already are. A happy disposition does a lot of good to your body and mind too. You will be more motivated to get as much exercise and career enhancement opportunities that you can possibly get.
  2. Sign up for different socially relevant causes. – Being active in charitable and even religious groups will give you a chance to help others and be a more productive citizen of your local community. The fulfillment of helping the needy can certainly boost your morale giving you more reasons to feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished. The sense of fulfillment you feel will make you happy, and consequently prettier and better than ever before. There are lots of non-profit and charitable organizations that need your talents. Don’t be scared or stingy to share yours.
  3. Enjoy the many gifts of people and nature. – Instead of hitting the gym to get a workout, why not run outside with your workout buddy? This way, you will get to enjoy the benefits of being attuned with nature as well as the company of the special people in your life. Make it a habit to get daily walks so you can maintain an active body. Avoid being too caught up in work. Instead, take work breaks in the right time and spend it with your family and friends.
  4. Take work relationships seriously. – This means nurturing your relationship with your boss and peers and valuing them at all times. Maintaining a good career group will train you into becoming a responsible and valuable worker and give you the skills you need in expanding your network and contacts. Once you have a solid career network, the task of acquiring additional trainings and workshops will be easy. Thus, you’ll get to achieve your ultimate career goals.

Being a woman in a still predominantly patriarchal world is indeed difficult. But if you believe in yourself and your natural beauty and talents, you will have the motivation to seek for improvement and be the best “you” that you can be. So muster up that conviction and confidence you need in the fulfillment of all these action steps and get to work at once. Are you up for this challenge?


This is a guest post by Niña Angeli Pilapil.  Niña Angeli Pilapil is a writer and editor and loves watching films and documentaries.

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