Taking Care of Your Innerwear

Lingerie is meant to support and give shape to your body contours and make you look like a million bucks. Although lingerie is a reflection of your inner self to the public, the garment itself needs to be kept totally private. And there is nothing better than easy to use lingerie bags to fulfill the purpose.Lingerie Bag

Suitable storage: Although we spend a considerable amount of money on buying sexy inners, most of us are rather careless when it comes to storing these wispy things. Stuffing panties, bras and stockings into an already overcrowded drawer is no way to show respect to the dainty garments. Continuous improper storage will erode the shape and texture of the fabric and make it prone to discoloring, wrinkling and wear and tear. Here is where lingerie bags step in to save the day. Keeping them in the bags and then putting the bags on a designated shelf in the closet will help in keeping the innerwear in shipshape condition, not to mention extending the life of each garment.

Washing woes: Besides improper storage, the other factor that kills lingerie before its time is improper washing. Agreed, our hectic lifestyle makes it almost impossible for us to give our undergarments the detailed and careful wash they require, but tossing them unceremoniously in the washing machine along with the other laundry spells disaster. The hooks and clasps of bras could get entangled with other fabrics or in the corners of the washing tub resulting in the metal things getting misshapen or pulled out from the bras; the lace of the panties can get stretched and frayed; stockings can get stretched or have their mesh torn.

Putting them in lingerie bags can save you from such washing woes and prevent the total destruction of your undergarments at the hands of the ruthless washing machine. You can even buy lingerie bags in larger sizes to wash your delicate silk blouses or cardigans in the same way.

Great gifts: Sexy lingerie is in great demand among brides who want to impress their spouses. While gifting undergarments is a no-no even if you are the bride’s BFF, nothing prevents you from presenting her with an attractive lingerie bag to store her motley collection of innerwear. She will secretly thank you every time she pulls out a smart bra from the bag.

Lingerie bags can, in fact, serve as great gifts at bridal showers or baby showers which are usually all girls affair and where the level of privacy is quite high.

Miscellaneous matters: Though the name suggests it’s obvious use, lingerie bags can be quite flexible in what they allow you to store. They can be used to keep your children’s socks and stockings, for storing their small soft toys and even for keeping your semi-precious jewellery set. With a little imagination you can think of myriad uses for these cozy pouches.Facebook Bras

Design, design: Lingerie bags need not be boring or dull. You can shop around for bright, vibrant totes in a variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, cotton georgette etc. If you look around, you are even bound to find some embellished with tiny beads, pearls and sequins. Take care not to put the embellished ones in the washing machine, though, as the tiny adornments may get caught in the washing machine.

You can scout for pouches with drawstrings, zippers or Velcro. Decide on when and how you are using the bags and shop accordingly. For storage and washing, it is best to stick to practical ones with zero add-ons.

For travel you may go in for designer bags which will aesthetically blend with the rest of your luggage. Nothing in this world comes cheap nowadays and the same is true for lingerie bags too. The cost will vary depending on the size, material and decoration with the upper-end designer bags costing a pretty penny. But still the investment will be worth it considering what you are storing in them are garments which define your personality and make you a confident, savvy woman of today.

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