Denim Stays Forever

Denim always makes a fashion statement; in fact, it is never out of style. Denim, which was derived from the French terms, serge de Nimes, refers to sturdy fabric. In the olden days, denim was mostly worn by painters, mechanics and miners for comfort and durability. But with time denim became the ultimate fashion statement.

Bizarrely, denim products got reinvented from time to time with new shapes, patterns and styles. Earlier, denim was tagged as only a cotton fabric; however, with time, it has been used in combination with Lycra, polyimide and polyester.Woman wearing Jeans

Denim: a must-have fabric:
Denim never goes waste. If you are bored of your denim jeans then cut them into half and make a nice patchwork skirt or boxer shorts out of them. Fashion and denim complement each other fully as denim never dies and so does fashion. A denim jacket is actually said to be one of the must-haves in your collection.

No more just blue denim:
Of late, denim is invariably connected with a blue colour. However, over the period of time, white, pastel and black denims have also gained popularity. Khaki top with black denim or white denim with red top when worn can actually turn many a head when you walk.

Put denim on in any form:
Moreover, denim creates fashion in any form whether it is worn as ripped, torn or frayed. It undeniably makes you look very smart. Whether you choose denim for the sake of designer style or price, it truly demonstrates the fashion versatility of cotton and is pretty comfy too.

Denim for that young look:
You’ll love the carefree styling of a denim skirt with cotton racing stripes on the side. Pair denim with one of your tank tops or tees, and you’ve got a great outfit for a college picnic or for just hanging out with your friends.

Denim complements anything at any time:
The best part of denim is that it goes with anything and everything. Whether you wear any solid coloured top or a dark skirt, denim never lets you down. When you dress in denim, it is fun yet challenging. It is better to pick the dark shade of denim as it makes you look dressy and more irresistible.

Whether you are a fashionista or not, ensure that you have a decent number of denim wear in your wardrobe for your rescue when you are being indecisive about what to wear.

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