How to Dress for a Concert

Dressing for any occasion involves care and common sense. Chart out  things that are likely to influence your choice of clothing when you head out for that much-awaited concert

First is of course the type of concert that you are going to. The second is the venue and the  seating arrangement. Here you would find tips that suggest styles for most frequented concerts: classical , rock and festival.Clad With Common Sense For that Happening Concert

Chic and class:
A classical concert is characterized by elegance. An opening night will be a lavish display of tuxes and ball gowns. A tie is a must for men. For a dignified look wear gleaming shoes and a tux that isn’t wrinkled. Women can wear a dress and good heels that compliment it.  Stilettos are not necessary. Stylishly accessorise with a  small purse and a prim look. Jewellery and lipstick can lend an air of sophistication. Go easy on the cologne or perfume. You would be sharing space with  many people and someone is bound to be allergic to it.

Rock and revel: Outdoor rock concert
A live performance such a rock concert demands a courageous look. Whatever be your age, you’d like to be robed in some  ingenious ideas. There is always the never go wrong  combination of T-shirt and jeans but most would would like to wacky alternative.

The scene of the concert matter a lot. It is wiser to be attired casual in a pair of ageless jeans for an outdoor concert. Your tops could be a simple t-shirt if it suits your body type. You can choose band tops that would have the picture of the performers on it. But for a perky look, you can instead wear a digital art pattern printed shirt.

Sandals and stiletto are a definite no. Wear sneakers that you are comfortable in. These would give you the chance walk and dance with confidence.

Though rock concerts are often associated with many accessories, it is more stylish to choose a few pieces that exude style.

Rock and revel: Indoor rock concert
Ladies can choose to wear a nice halter top or blouse and the men can wear a button up shirt. The point is be wear sturdily and comfortably attired so that you can manage fairly well even if people around you get a little rowdy.

Merry music festival
Most music festivals happen during the hottest  months of the year. So it is advised that you wear pure cottons. Its easy to see the advantage of a cotton dress that merrily flutter away from your body and quickly dries when soaked with sweat. Choose from the range of chic cotton attire stacked at most retailers.

Avoid wearing designer clothes are they are sure to be soiled with the wide possibilities of mud and food that might stain your dress. Don’t forget a bandanna that can be tied around your neck or also over the head. Flaunt a hat- a straw cowboy hat is the best bet. If you must wear a  Fedora or  pork-pie hat, make sure it is  floppy and has a large brim.

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