Dress Smart to Look Thin

Dressing the right way can perfectly change the bulky appearance that you actually bear. If you are someone with a round belly, flabby arms and fat thighs, and you want to look really slim, you can get that stunning body frame that you want with smart dressing. Here are some great fashion tips from leading designers to help you dress to look slim and trim.Dress Smart to Look Thin

1. Your upper body dress care

  • According to designer Ritu Kumar, you should wear V-necks, scoop necks, open collar button ups, and boat necks. These will aid in defining your bust’s shape and in giving your neck an elongated appearance. Avoid wearing Chinese collars, polo necks and high necks at all costs as these will only make you look stuffed in.
  • Wearing the right size of inner wear also matters a lot. If possible, get yourself measured at a renowned lingerie store to get the rightly sized and well supportive bra.
  • Designer Ritu Beri advises that plump people should wear clothes that have a minimum amount of embroidery and other detailing. They should go for clothes that draw the viewer’s attention to their back.
  • Choosing well fitted and sleek clothing that simply run over your curves is important. Avoid those oversized and loosely fitting clothes as they will only impart you with a big or baggy appearance says Khushali Kumar, a leading designer.
  • According to designer Amit GT, you should avoid ‘tuck-in’s’ at all costs as they give your mid-section a broader appearance. Instead, you should choose that render an elongated appearance to your mid-section.

2. Camouflage your tummy region

  • Get your clothes tailored just for you. This will be both well-fitting and impressive. Avoid unfitting clothes says designer Ritu Kumar.
  • Designer Ritu Beri says that you can try a corset to hold in your big belly. You also need to choose flared tops, while avoiding tightening clothes.
  • Wear a broad belt across your waist when you are in a monochromatic dress. This will give you a slimmer appearance.

3. For those of you who are pear shaped

  • Ritu Kumar says that saree is the best suiting attire for you. If you are tall, go for an anarkali kurta from the Indian dresses; and trousers that are loose on the top and are tapered at the bottom.
  • Wear halters and other such interesting necklines on your upper half. This will help avoid drawing focus to your lower half. Go for empire waistlines as they suit you the best say Ritu Beri.
  • Avoid pencil or skinny trousers; instead go for flared trousers. Also, shun high waist jeans, and go for a low waisted pant recommends Khushali Kumar.
  • Avoid pleated skirts; wear pencil and tulip cut skirts with a small slit at the back that are a little longer than your knee length advices designer Amit GT.

4. To camouflage fat thighs

  • Go for well fitted salwars and chudithars as they are sensual Indian clothings that perfectly camouflage fat thighs. Among Western outfits, flared skirts work the same says Ritu Beri.
  • Avoid short dresses; and go for long and full pieces of clothing advices Ritu Beri.
  • Designer Amit GT recommends the wrap around style for you. He says it is the best for you.

5. For those of you who are Apple shaped

  • Designer Ritu Kumar says that you should avoid horizontal stripes, and choose closely printed vertical stripes.
  • Ritu Beri advices that going monochromatic imparts you a slimmer look than multicolored outfts.
  • Keep those prints minimal says Amit GT. HE further says that you should avoid big and bold prints.
  • Khushali Kumar says that pants with a low waist, flat front and zipper work well in giving you a slimmer look.

6. Flabby arms

  • Avoid emphasizing your arms with armlets; instead concentrate on your neckline with interesting patterns says Ritu Beri.
  • Amit RG says you need to avoid sleeveless outfits at all costs as they are killers.

7. Accessories

  • Wear minimum amount of jewelry, especially on your nape says Ritu Kumar. Focus on wearing heavy or flowing earrings that touch your bare nape.
  • Wear high heels says Ritu Beri. He says that it will not only add a few inches to your height but also help you to carry yourself gracefully.
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