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It would be perfect if we were all happy with our figures but we all have faults. Some canʼt do anything about it because if one is 5 ft. tall, one can never be 5 ft. 5 inches or 5 ft. 10 inches. But with clever clothing techniques you can make yourself look taller, shorter, fatter or thinner. A little thought goes a long way to make you look prettier and better. India is a country with lots of varieties, whether itʼs four-climates of four-seasons or endless styles of dresses from different states. You can pick and choose to dress smartly for the way you are.Deepika Padukone

Gaining Height:

 If you are less than five feet tall you’ll be wanting to create the illusion of height — but that doesn’t mean you have to wear longer clothes and too much of high heels. If you’ve been dressing as per the points mentioned here these will further shorten your height, overshadow your personality and your style so:

  • Don’t wear anything which is very bright.
  • Don’t wear anything that’s too bold.
  • Don’t be persuaded by fashion into wearing unsuitable lengths of clothes.
  • Don’t wear horizontal strips and designs.
  • Don’t wear broad bordered sarees and dresses.
  • Don’t wear broad belts.
  • Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps.
  • Don’t turn your trousers and jeans up.
  • Don’t wear thick and heavy jewelry.
  • Don’t wear large prints.
  • Don’t wear very heavy and thick fabrics.

Clever clothes techniques to suit your shape:

  • Emphasize the good points of your figure.
  • Stick to the length of clothes which looks best on you.
  • Wear one colour from head to toe — for example your saree-blouse or salwar kameez should be of one colour. This would give the illusion of height but the contrast of colour will cut down the length.
  • Choose thin and good materials to make your dresses.
  • Dresses with small prints to give an illusion of height.
  • Plain saree and dresses add elegance and inches to a short person.
  • Your suits and saris should always have small and thin borders because big borders give a shorter look.
  • Delicate embroidery and laces in vertical shapes help in making you look taller.
  • Always choose good quality materials for dresses and sarees to acquire class, height and grace.
  • In western dresses you should balance the tops and skirts in the same colours and designs. In eastern dresses overall balance of colour and design should be maintained.
  • You can use the contrast colour only on one side of the dress, whether top or bottom to avoid the sandwich effect.
  • Emphasizing the neck details and design makes the dress more interesting.
  • If you want to wear a belt always choose one with a narrow width and in the same colour of your dresses because broad belts cut down the person’s height.
  • Wear delicate jewelry to add elegance to your personality.
  • Your purse should match your dress so that the one-colour effect is not broken and an illusion of height is created.
  • Wear shoes with little pointed toes to enhance the illusion of height.

Losing Height:India Fashion Week Model

 If your height is more than 5 ft. 9 inches it means you are a tall person. You can follow the current fashions with confidence. The problems faced by tall people are different because oversized shoes and dresses are at times difficult to find. But they can have lots of fun with clothes. The following dress sense adds extra inches to your height and lends a lanky appearance. So a clever sense of clothes to suit your height is:

  • Don’t dress up in a one-colour outfit.
  • Don’t hunch your shoulders to look shorter.
  • Don’t wear vertical stripes.
  • Don’t wear straight buttons on dresses in front.
  • A tall person should be ready to try anything to create style.

Such as:

  • You can easily wear two/three colours at a time.
  • You can wear a red shirt, black salwar and a multi-coloured dupatta or a red T-shirt, red belt, black trousers and a yellow jacket. Mixing varied colours in your dressing can cut down the lanky look.
  • You can carry off all the bright colours boldly.
  • Loose-fitting clothes with layers add elegance to a tall personality.
  • In western dresses the mid-calf length is ideal for you.
  • Patch pockets and big cuffs can be worn by you without hesitation.
  • Double-breasted shirts, tops and jackets always look great on you.
  • Your shawls, sarees and other dresses should have bold designs.
  • Big patterns and prints can be worn easily.
  • Choose horizontal stripes and designs instantly.
  • Experiment with your dressing to know which colour combinations and designs suit you the best.
  • You could wear heavy bold jewelry in style.
  • Distinctive jewelry themes are always a good idea to invest in.
  • Belts of any size and shape would look good on you.
  • Buy big purses and handbags.
  • You can wear contrast colour layers and prints to make your dressing more interesting.
  • To achieve the sandwich effect you can match your accessories in contrast to your dress.
  • All the above techniques are aimed to provide a more filled and elegant look to the tall people.

Trimming the Figure: Indian Model

 Everyone wants to look slim trim and smart, but some of us may not be so lucky, because they are endowed with extra inches and kilos. Being fat and oversize does not mean that you can’t look a beauty. You can acquire a comparatively stylish slimmer look by adopting a few clever ideas while dressing:

  • Don’t wear too many different colours at a time — a clash of colours pronounces the bulge of the area in the figure.
  • Don’t wear horizontal stripes and patterns; they will increase your size.
  • Don’t wear belts and show your girth.
  • Don’t wear very tight clothes because your bulge will be visible.
  • Never wear anything in which you are not comfortable.
  • Always dress up in one colour from head to toe. Your saree blouse, or a shirt and jeans or salwar kameez of the same colour will cut down the heavy look of your figure.
  • Wear vertical stripes to trim the horizontal spread of the body.
  • Yokes and designs of your top should not be bold and clash. The designs should be simple and single breasted and in long patterns.
  • Don’t wear very light colours as they expand the size. Instead choose medium and dark shades of colour to define the slim figure.
  • Avoid all the designs which emphasize the waist, wear comfortable sizes of clothes neither tight nor very loose.
  • You can even coordinate different shades of the same colour for variety.
  • A discreet, low-neckline looks very charming.
  • Never turn up your jeans or trousers — it adds horizontal details to a otherwise heavy figure.
  • Keep your hip area covered with a jacket or long blouse to cover your heavy waist and hips in style.
  • Always use good material to make your dresses which have a great clean fall of the fabric.
  • Good tailoring and neat designs should be chosen for all types of dressing.
  • Buy sleek and long jewelry and other accessories to give a slim, long visual to a broad personality.
  • Your shoes must have small heels (even if you are tall) to give you extra length vis-à-vis the bulge of the figure.


Gaining Weight: Model

There are some people who would love to look a little fatter. If you are tall and painfully thin not having the right amount of fat at the right places, surely you have a problem. But never mind — every problem has a solution and here it is for you:

  • Don’t wear clothes as per the points mentioned here because you’ll look more thin and tall.
  • Never wear one colour from head to toe, it will make you look taller and slimmer.
  • Never wear vertical stripes and pleats.
  • Don’t wear pointed shoes.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes.
  • Instead play with all sorts of colours and prints imaginatively while selecting a dress.
  • You have the advantage of being bold and stylish in your clothes.
  • Choose light and bright shades of all the colours for your dresses.
  • Always wear horizontal stripes and prints.
  • Prefer bigger and bold designs for the outfits.
  • Use heavy and thick fabrics for your dresses.
  • Have fun with contrast colours, prints and patterns.
  • Layered pleats, with horizontal designs, look very good for your type of physique because they give the illusion of bulk and width.
  • Your clothes should fit you comfortably or could be one size bigger than you need.
  • Choose varied lengths of shirts, tops, skirts in your western dresses to make you look healthy and little shorter.
  • Turned-up trousers and jeans will also add inches to your bulk.
  • Chunky and stylish designs and fabrics will enhance your appearance, so try to be different.
  • Wear normal size jewelry, neither too small nor very big.
  • Theme jewelry will look very good on you.
  • In your dressing you can choose varied Indian themes for example — Rajasthani, Punjabi, etc. on different days.
  • You can wear all varieties of belts which will add to your charm.

Whether you would like to be taller, shorter, fatter or thinner, use these techniques to look your best because if you look good you feel very good and confident.


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