Fashion after 50 – What elderly women should not do to look graceful?

Fashion for women over 50 is certainly different from that for young girls. The definition of fashion for elderly women is much more stunning, graceful, adorable and stylish too. For some young people, it’s a matter of ignorance but to respect and get into the fashion for elderly women you need some kind of intelligence to think that smart way.

Mature women in their 50s and 60s should not restrict themselves to granny clothes. If you have a great body – or even not – just go ahead and dress up according to your body type. As long as you keep your make-up and accessories sober, you can easily make a style statement even in your ripe age. We have seen famous personalities, our fashion and singing divas of the world like Demi Moore, Madonna, Mia Farrow, Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Sinatra, Jane Fonda, Kathy Griffin, HIlariy Clinton and from the Indian fraternity, we have seen Hema Malini, Dimple Kapadia, women of Indian royal families, Indra Nooyi and so on. They surely know how to have fun at any age! Fashion clothing for women over 50 can be really rocking and superb if planned in the right way. Beauty is eternal, so let’s check some awesome ideas and exclusive fashion advice for women over 50.elderly women fashion

Perfect fit: You must have noticed that women over a certain age start dressing up in large, oversized, dull-coloured clothes. They believe that they will hide the flaws in their body. But, believe it or not! , it does not work that way. For dressing up in fabulous way, you need to find clothes that fit your body perfectly– i.e. clothes that are neither too loose, nor too tight.

Colours and prints for you: For the women over the age of 50, when it comes to choosing colours for their dresses, they generally like to get the dullest and light-colored ones instead of getting any lively colours. The reason, sometimes is that they have lost that enthusiasm or sometimes because of societal barriers. Always remember, the perfect colour of your cloth will not only give you trendy fashions but also motivate you to live a better life. So, go for soft but energetic colours such as light yellow, ivory white, brown, cobalt blue, navy, maroon or charcoal.

For 50+ Indian women, who like to wear saris, a soft dark colour is always soothing such as saffron, burgundy, dark green, orange and so on. For formal, evening wear, white with black, dark blue or maroon would be a good choice. To add colour to your wardrobe, you can always pair up the dresses with bright bags in different dark shades. If you like to wear printed dresses, bold prints such as stripes, checks and argyles patterns look very flattering on older women.

For a sexy look: It’s your wish how you want to look like. If you want to dress up sexy, then you are free to take up any fashion that supports your age. By clever selection of fabrics, you can make yourself appear seductive even when fully clothed. Silk, cashmere, satin and leather are some of the fabrics that appropriate for sexy, seductive fashion over 50. Wear short skirts only if you have good legs, but it should not be too short.

Fun fashion: You can dress up in a more fun way – i.e. try to enjoy whatever you have worn according to your comfort level. Age should not be a barrier in picking up cool, chic, stylish and at the same time comfortable dresses. The only thing is that women should know how to carry the dresses with confidence and grace.

Cotton style for you: Cotton is always the best for older women especially in India, as it is easy to use, easily available does not irritate the skin and looks elegant. Cotton sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis and cotton tops make you look young and graceful.

Your office wear: If you are an office-going woman, go for formal trousers and blouses a sari for office wear. Urban fashion clothing for the 50+ is a great blend of style and professionalism with a sober looks. Make-up is a part of women’s beauty, so apply some make-up to get a sophisticated and polished look.

There are many ways you can glam yourself up with make-up tricks that give an added glow to your skin. Keep in mind that at the end of the day your confidence and attitude will be the answer of your age. Be confident and positive so that you can live a healthy and happy life in this society.

Select those delicate pieces of jewellery: One area in fashion that you can do better than younger women is accessories. Wear minimum jewellery such as diamond studded ornament sets or only earrings or only a pendant with a nice bracelet. For Indian women, since gold is our most classy ornament, you can wear any good and nice piece of gold jewellery if you are arranging your wardrobe for a marriage party.

Selection of those beautiful pairs of shoes: Never hesitate to wear medium heels or high heels if you do not have any physical illness. You must have seen hundreds of flat stylish sandals in the market, so you can choose any of them but it should not be too funky.

In a holiday mood: So you are in a holiday mood and have planned a nice tour. This is the time when you can wear anything according to your comfort zone, from bikini to a sari or any formal dress, anything you can wear considering your surroundings.

For your special moments: The Sari is a sexy outfit, so if it’s your anniversary or birthday, spend some beautiful time with your husband by wearing a sari or any sexy evening gown of your husband’s choice.

And, finally, always think young at heart to add sparkle in your beauty and personality. Do not forget that old adage, Aging is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter at all. However, be very careful before get time into any new fashion trends. Let’s check something, which you should avoid, while get time into fashion trends: Always choose clothes that complement your body type. Avoid choosing outfits that are too tight or too loose and do not suit you. An over-tight garment will never give you the elegant look. Exposing arms or legs can be a tricky problem for women over 50, so avoid wearing short and skimpy stuff and plunging necklines. Do not overdo the grooming. Avoid too much colour together such as red nails, red lips, eye shadow and blush. Do not get obsessed with short hair. Remember, a well-groomed ponytail always looks smart and youthful.

Wearing a T-shirts and leggings are a big “No-No” for you because elastic fashion outfits can’t tone your sagging body type, so just chuck them and go for normal size clothes. If you are very fond of T-shirts choose darker colours with a comfortable fit.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that a good sense of style helps a woman ooze confidence no matter what her age. As years pass, our moms and grand moms, tend to overlook this factor of fashion thinking they belong to the ‘older bracket’. Fashion clothing for women over 50 can be really rocking if planned in the right way.



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