How-To Do Intense Eye Makeup

If you usually wear more neutral eye makeup during the daytime, you may be a little nervous about trying dark eye makeup. If you are going on a date, you want to really stand out and intense eye makeup is a great way to look your best. I also prefer lighter make up for work but when I go out to dinner with my boyfriend, I love to wear dramatic, intense eye makeup and I have gotten pretty good at applying it.Eye Makeup

Although many women prefer cream eye shadow, I prefer powder eye shadow when going for an intense look. You can experiment with a few different types and brands of eye shadow to see what works best for you. When choosing colors, I like to choose colors that match my outfit, although some makeup artists advise against it. Pink is my favorite color and to me, nothing is cuter than a beautiful pink top paired with dramatic pink eye shadow when I’m getting ready for a date or a night on the town.

In addition to keeping your outfit color in mind when picking your eye shadow color, you should also remember that some eye shadow colors can really make certain eye colors pop. For instance, brown eyed girls look really good in greens and pinks. If your brown eyes have a golden hue to them, gold eye shadow can also make your eyes really stand out.

Green eyed girls look great in all shades of lavender and purple, while blue eyed girls should avoid blue eye shadow and should steer toward browns and purples. However, just because a certain eye shadow color looks good with your eye color doesn’t mean that you have to wear that color. When shopping for eye shadow, pick up anything that really stands out to you. If you love it, you will be able to wear it beautifully.

When applying eye shadow for an intense, dramatic look that your date will love, remember that darker colors should be worn on your actual eyelid while lighter colors should extend up towards your brow bone. For instance, when I wear my favorite pink eye shadow palate, I first apply the lightest color, a shimmery baby pink. I apply it over my entire eyelid, all the way up to my eyebrows.

This may look a little funny to you at first, but if you choose a light enough color and blend it in evenly, it will look great as a finished product. Next, I apply a darker, medium shade of pink on my entire eyelid, blending it in just above my crease. Last, I apply the deepest, darkest shade of hot pink on my eyelid only. Use this guide with any colors that you choose. For instance, for a smoky eye, I like to use a combination of light, shimmery grey, a medium grey and a dark grey.

Finally, you have to finish your look with eyeliner and mascara. Many women love to use liquid eyeliner and I have to agree that it really adds a dramatic look. However, I prefer an automatic eyeliner pencil. If it’s a new eyeliner pencil, I smudge it a bit on my finger before I use it so that it will glide on more easily. I have also heard of girls burning the end of their eyeliner with a lighter before using it, but if you do this, please make sure you let it cool completely before you use it! Now, gently pull your lower lid down and carefully apply your eyeliner on your lower lid.

Next, close your eye and apply a line of eyeliner directly above your lash line. This takes a little bit of practice, but I have learned that if I go too slowly, I tend to mess up more than when I quickly draw a line. The thicker you apply your eyeliner on your top lid, the more dramatic your look will be. I always wear black eyeliner and I think it looks the best with most intense looks but feel free to try different colored eyeliners. After you have applied your eyeliner, finish your intense look with several coats of mascara and you are ready to go! Not only will you feel beautiful and confident, but your date will not be able to keep his eyes off of you!


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