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In India, whatever is the occasion, you have a type of sari to spruce up the occasion. Now, with the holiday season coming up, parties are in abundance all around the city.

For women, if you have a lot going on in your mind, pull up a sari with a matching blouse. Do not take pleats on the shoulders. Leave it on with a single pleat to give yourself a casual dashing look. Wear matching eye make up, blush up your cheeks, dab on some lipstick, and you are ready to go party. Accessory to match up like some bangles and a choker is sufficient. You could do anything with your hair. Tie it up or leave it free depending on the mood of the party. Yes, sari is quite a savior for any party inIndia. And with the way you carry yourself, you could be the most smashing woman of the party.Fancy Party Sarees

There are so many new types of designs. You could go for the abstract designed saris. Or the bamboo or jute sari, yes, they make saris out of bamboo too nowadays. They are kind of all weather adaptable. There are different types of saris like the fancy saris, embroidery party wear sarees, designer party wear, fashion party wear saris and many more. Check out these names in a renowned a sari outlet.

Salwar Kameez is also an easy to choose party wear. There are so many elegant looking salwar kameez. There are also variations among this like the kurtis, leggings, jeans with the ethnic Indian tops.

Lehenga is an important and easy party wear to go for. It suits any kind of mood and various different party types. You could add both a touch of ancient traditionalIndiaand a modern chic elegant woman by choosing the type of Lehenga you wear.

Now, if you have time to plan, what else could you wear for a party? That depends on the crowd, on the mood, on the venue and on you as a person. Let us browse a few party wears today and help you plan for the upcoming holidays. But remember, the budget is also very important. Do not splurge. Because, what you need to look pretty and dashing is always just within your budget if you have a clear planned idea.

Now if you need to go to this party in a western party wear, your job is not difficult at all. It is all the easier. Firstly, you should wear clothes your age, must be trendy to the modern times and should reasonably decent. You could also go for a indo western party wear.

Try a little glitz this season. Go for dresses with gold, sequins, embroidery and beads. You could dress up like a bubbling glass of champagne if the occasion demands it. Dress up effervescent and fabulous. Check out frocks and mini skirts in sheer chiffon. A perfect combination of flirty and chic would make you suitably dressed for any party.

Wear what suits your body type. Check out if you are the pear girl or the apple girl or the hour glass girl or the plain old rectangular athlete shaped girl. Procure clothing which complements your body.

If you have a heavy bottom, go for a fuller skirt. Disguise your lower half and accentuate your slimmer waist with a strapless or halter topped blouse.

If you are petite and slim, go for dresses with vertical patterns. It would make you look taller. Do not wear puffed sleeves and floral designs. It would make you look more girlish than womanish.

If you want to hide your legs, you do not have to go for pants. You could wear mid calf length gowns and still look pretty with slim cuts.

Saris and salwar kameez are not the only party wears here. You could go for gowns, frocks, knee length skirts, halter-tops, blouses paired suitably. Discover your body type, color and accentuate your positives. Do not indulge too much in camouflaging your negatives. If your positives are well highlighted, you would look great with the right accessory.

Black suits all. But what type of dress is what you have to decide. And shades of pink, purple, red and white suits most women. So, go for the safest shades if you cannot decide. Wear comfortable footwear. Be informed if you would need to dance. Choose suitable footwear. Stilettos suit most parties and dresses. Block heels also are a rage nowadays.

Do not wear too much chunky jewelry. Dress elegant, whatever the occasion. Make up is a must. It must highlight your face and complement your clothing than being garish. Be wise in your choice of colors for make up.

Party is a wonderful event; share your happiness with your loved ones and well-wishers. Your clothing should be pleasing to the eye and add attractiveness to your body.

Find something that flatters your body, suits your style aesthetic and most importantly allows you to party the night away!

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