Sexy Lingerie to Seduce Your Man

Picture this: you are getting married in a couple of months’ time. Wedding preparations are on in full swing. So are your preparations to have a really memorable first night. You want to gift your hubby the ideal present: You. You buy a baby pink bedspread and heart-shaped pillows and arrange for rose petals to be strewn all over the bed. You buy a sheer negligee in lavender blue. What about the underwear? What about it, you quiz. I am not wasting my money on such trivialities, you pout out. You put on your old set under the transparent negligee and set out to seduce your man; only to find disappointment writ large on his face which he tries his best to conceal. You wonder where you went wrong. Well, the answer lies underneath: your lingerie.

In Western countries the lingerie market is huge. Victoria’s Secret, Bravissimo etc. are prestigious brands in this field while in India the lingerie business is still in its infancy. Awareness is definitely spreading among the strata of urban women but the demand for high-end lingerie is nowhere near that in the Western countries. The main reason perhaps is that most women are put off by the exorbitant prices. In a family set up where each and every penny matters, spending on lingerie appears to most as a ‘wasted expenditure’.Irina Sheik Sexy Lingerie

But nothing can be farther from the truth because the perfectly-fitting undies not only entice your man they also give your breasts perfect shape and support.

So how do you go about playing the ultimate seductress? Here are few tips:

Getting your assets into shape: You may have an hourglass figure but if you have been wearing ill-fitted bras, chances are high that your breasts have gone out of shape or have started sagging. Your first step would be to get them in shape. Enroll for a short stint at your neighborhood gym or yoga centre, of course after ensuring that they have lady instructors (you would, obviously, not be comfortable discussing your doubts on this subject with a male trainer). Follow your trainer’s advice very closely.

The right diet: Along with exercise diet will play an important role. Most fitness centres have their in-house dietician. Consult her and ask for an appropriate diet plan. The right type of diet will ensure lightness and suppleness of the body apart from improving your general health.

Choosing the right lingerie:  Now that you are well on your way to acquiring the perfect mounds it is time to go shopping for the befitting lingerie.

Personal shopping trips: Although the world is just a mouse click away, there are certain things which are best not bought online. Underwear is one of them. At least the first time a personal visit is warranted.

Take help: Once in the shop, dispel your awkwardness, stride confidently to the lingerie section and ask for the shop assistant’s help in choosing the right material. You have to cast aside your inhibitions. You are spending good money on the purchase and you definitely want your money’s worth. After all, first nights do not come along often, do they?

Friendly shoulder: If you really are getting cold feet and sweaty palms at the thought of lingerie shopping then take along a gal pal who has done that. Observe her and learn how she holds herself and commands the attention of the shop helpers. One or two trips with her should also make you a pro at underwear shopping.

The right fit: Poorly fitted bras and extra-tight panties are not only unattractive, they also threaten to cut off the blood circulation to the vital areas. Obviously, on your first night you would not want to literally swoon in your beloved’s arms. Get your measurements taken correctly and then choose the size. For reasons of personal hygiene, almost no lingerie shop will allow you to have a trial or exchange undergarments later. So you need to make sure at the onset that your cup size has been perfectly measured. Same is the reasoning with panties as well.

The right material: All women dream of having that elusive satin underwear bordered with wispy lace in their boudoir. That works out fine if you are getting married in a cold country or the wedding is in the winter months. But if your D-Day falls in the middle of May, then satin lingerie may turn out to be a curse.  You certainly would not want to feel clumsy and uncomfortable on your most romantic day. Browse through the store’s catalogue and study the materials listed. In all probability most lingerie companies in India will make the undergarments keeping the humid Indian climate in mind. So you can still choose saucy underwear with lace edges but in cotton: sexy yet practical. Again, the same logic applies with respect to buying panties as well. Choose light, airy fabric with comfortable elastic bands.

The right colour: A recent poll by a men’s website showed that 90 per cent men get turned on by red or black lingerie, with red having a slight edge. So become a lady in red or a black beauty and indulge your man’s fancy for the night. But just because he likes rouge and noir does not mean that you have to fill up your wardrobe with the two colours. Pastel colours, powder puff blues, lilacs, magenta all work wonders. Keep a stock in an array of colours and keep him guessing every night.

Out with the old: Now that you have chosen the apt undergarments throw out your old ones out for good. Do not retain them in a fit of sentiments. You will only ruin your hard-earned figure.

Personal hygiene: In the area of underclothing the importance of personal hygiene cannot be overstressed. Keeping your private parts clean and strictly following the washing instructions on your newly purchased lingerie are the mantras to a great looking, new you.

Get ready to enchant your hubby, armed with these handy tips. Choose the right lingerie and let the romance linger forever.

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