Spectacles and Beauty

Girls wearing glasses were considered dowdy at worst and studious at best!  The first thing that most girls thought of when they found out they needed glasses was that this was not something that could fit in their beauty regimen. Besides, contact lenses not being quite as cheap as they are now didn’t help matters either. But, thankfully, things aren’t so bad now. In fact, spectacles are actually in. Just in case you haven’t noticed.

Girls with perfect eyesight are flaunting eyewear as a fashion accessory! And, horror of horrors, the 80s and 90s frames are now considered trendy, even though they go by the moniker “nerdy” or “geekish” glasses.

First things first – do not go to the optician expecting to look like a movie star when you leave. It is important to understand, and accept, that, in most cases at least, spectacles do not enhance a person’s features. At best, you will have to look for a pair that does not detract too much.

Trendy styles look appealing, but you really should decide if they look right on you. Look at the colour, shape and style of the glasses you try on and see whether they are compatible with the shape of your face and your complexion.

Choosing the right glasses doesn’t have to be as intimidating as rocket science, though. In fact, it can be a fun thing to do because the glasses one wears are very much a reflection of who one is, as well as an extension of one’s personality.Model wearing Spectacles


An absolute no-no is choosing a frame similar in shape to your facial features. If you have a round face, surely you wouldn’t want to look like a ball with concentric circles on it by choosing a round frame.

Rectangular frames are a safe bet because they are very versatile, exude style and look good on almost any facial shape, whereas rounder styles are ideal for long slender faces as they lend fullness to a thin face.

Do not settle for a frame without trying it on because a frame that looks attractive on display may not necessarily look that great on you. But in case you have your heart set on a funky style, try to buy an additional pair which is more traditional so to speak. Just in case.

Besides, variety is the spice of eyewear too!


It’s a matter of personal preference. In today’s changed scenario, there are women who like to stand out in a crowd and scream, “Hey look, I’m wearing glasses!” Some can pull that off, but for the most part it doesn’t really work well. Most skin tones are rosy or golden, so gold or brown coloured frames are good choices because brown blends in with eyebrow colour and gold picks up the golden colour in skin tones. Brighter colours like reds, blues and greens are good if they complement your skin tone.

And yes, they do help make a fashion statement!

Actually, colours are a great way to show the world what you want to show. Black, for instance, portrays sophistication and mystery, while grey and silver show culture and erudition—phew! Want to project yourself as innocent and feminine? Zero in on light pinks and purples, baby. Violet, the colour of royalty, is actually considered subtly sexy. Blues and greens make you look approachable and friendly while red is the bold, sexy and powerful colour. Now you’ve got to decide how you want people to see you!


We are overlooking one important factor—the material of the frame! Metal or wire frames give a subtle look while plastic frames are thicker and heavier and are much more noticeable on the face. However, they come with one distinct advantage – they are available in a variety of colours for you to play around with! Rimless frames are a very good option for an almost invisible look.

There’s another factor associated with the choice of material – the weight of the glasses.

For those who have to wear the darn thing all the time, this is an important consideration. Plastic frames are almost always lighter than metal frames which can put uncomfortable pressure on the nose bridge.

Nothing major really, but if it can be avoided, well, why not? Hinges are yet another significant consideration.  Hinges that have springs are more likely to keep their shape than those which don’t and surely you don’t want a frame that loses its shape easily, do you? A frame that is askew will not only look weird but can also alter the effectiveness of the prescription.

Though you may fancy the style of a certain shape, it may not be the one for you because necessary considerations may make the style impractical for you! Now what? Well, there’s always a solution! If possible, opt for progressive lenses because then the lens area can be kept sufficiently large to accommodate all the vision ranges. Come to think of it, the right pair of glasses may actually be used as a great way to accessorize one’s outfits or even to add a splash of personality to one’s wardrobe.

Transition lenses are favored by many as they give the benefit of sunglasses without the extra cost, as they are designed to darken when exposed to light! Besides, they are slightly tinted and can, therefore, add the X factor to your glasses!

That should provide quite a guideline for you when you go eyewear-shopping. It is now a fact that wearing glasses is no longer a stigma, at-least not as much as it used to be. This means that girls are being valued for substance, not only for their looks.

Having to wear glasses doesn’t have to mean the end of the world after all. And that old maxim, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”, can be thrown in the trash can! Times have changed, babe!

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