Teens and Makeup: Where Do Parents Draw the Line?

By the time a young lady starts attending high school, it is quite likely that she – like her peers – will begin to experiment with cosmetics. Since most girls are only 13 years of age at this time, many parents will become concerned should their “little angel” begin to heavily kohl her eyes and don bright red lippy since members of the opposite sex could wrongly consider her to be a bit of a harlot!Teenage Girls Makeup

Religion and/or strict student codes of conduct are two more reasons folks might be weary of a girl’s growing fascination with concealer and mascara. Obviously, getting to grips with makeup is a significant part of growing up for most young ladies and so parents often wonder how they can provide their child this freedom whilst concurrently preventing them from looking like a Clown College dropout.

There are three main points to follow to ensure your teenage daughter does not apply makeup over zealously:

Remind Your Daughter That She is Naturally Beautiful

Natural Beauty TipsTeenage girls have a tendency to become quite self conscious as they enter puberty and the pressures to look good mount. This can see a girl notice personal aesthetic “flaws” which are not actually present and cake makeup onto their delicate young skin as a result. This is why it is important to tell your daughter regularly that she is naturally beautiful – the positive effect that parental praise can have on a child’s level of self confidence is considerable.

You don’t have to be cringe-worthy or cheesy either; if your daughter is lounging around the house barefaced and in her PJs one day for example, simply pay a passing compliment to her bright eyes or smooth complexion.

If you happen to be a mother with a strong penchant for make up, you should lead by example by having at least two “make up free” days every week. If you have beauty hang-ups (such as not being able to pop to the corner shop for a pint of milk without a mask of makeup applied) these can easily become mirrored in your daughter’s own mindset.

Allow Teenage Girls a Few Beauty Essentials Only

When a teenage girl first shows an interest in applying makeup, the types of products that she is allowed should be limited to the following:

  • A brown or black mascara;
  • A brown or black eyeliner pencil;
  • A tinted moisturiser and/or face powder and
  • A clear lip gloss or lip balm.

These cosmetics are designed to enhance natural beauty whereas brightly coloured items could leave a child unrecognisable and looking too “adult.”

It might be the case that your daughter will decide to spend some of her allowance purchasing items such as bright blue eye shadow or a scarlet blusher. If you try to roll out a full ban on these sorts of products, this is likely to see your daughter rebel – you would be much wiser to enforce the use of these “in your face” cosmetics at weekends only.

Teach Her How to Apply Makeup Properly

Despite limiting the types of products allowed in your teenager’s cosmetics purse, her makeup could still look terrible if products are not applied correctly; spider-like eyelashes, too thick eyeliner and cakey foundation are prevalent amongst young females. This is why you should sit down with your daughter and teach her how to use each cosmetics product correctly.

If you are a single father or a mother that never wears makeup, advice should be sought from a parlour or an experienced relative or friend. There is also plenty of makeup application advice available online.

If you allow your daughter to have any cosmetics items in addition to those listed in the previous section of the article which require a brush to apply, be sure to buy her quality applicators also. Shoddy applicators often see too much makeup applied inadvertently.


The author of this guest post – Kathleen Cole – is glad that her youngest daughter has not entered her “make up phase” as of yet; her four year old is far more interested in her cubby house and swing sets!

image credit: fashion-all-kind.com

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