Think before you Tattoo

In India, all sorts of women get tattooed  – professionals like executives, CEOs and housewives. Girls as young as 16 and 17 go to get themselves tattooed. Most of them are between the early 20s and late 40s. These are the age-groups of maximum number of women going to get tattooed. Some women going to get tattooed may belong to the older age-groups.

A woman wanting to get tattooed definitely comes with the thought that she wants to remember something or some event in life for her lifetime. The maximum number of women who come show their fashion consciousness as well. Women are more fashion-conscious than men are. Fashion is any integral part of tattooing.

Women are a lot more ambitious and a lot more experimental than what men are. So they definitely go for bolder areas like ankles, the chest region, lower back, neck and such places.Getting a Tattoo

On the other hand, men are a little more conventional and, usually, like to go for such places where it won’t be seen while they work. Women are no longer behind men in any way what so ever. And, when it comes to getting a tattoo, women think a lot more and lot like men the way men do. So the psychology is just that women want to be ahead of time and women want to be on a par with men today. And, that is why they are  more experimental and a lot bolder than what men are.

Most of the time women go for slightly more delicate designs like floral patterns. Many housewives like to get their kids names or their initials tattooed. Then the butterflies are hot and favourite designs opted for by women. Amongst everything, most of them prefer floral patterns.

A noted tattoo artist denies   that   there   is   any connection between age and the designs chosen. “Yes, a corporate lady might choose something which is a lot more sober and not at all wild. They would prefer their kids names or kids initials. The younger ones choose a lot bolder designs,   like   angels   and   larger designs. They go for designs with a lot more jazzy colours; a lot more bright colours and they have a lot more radical concepts in their minds.” He also insists, “While tattooing women, we have got to be a lot more careful, a lot more cautious, about  things  because  women  are also going to be particular and finicky about  what  they  are  going  to  get done. A man will adjust with what he is going in for. But a woman is a hard person to convince. They are very clear in their minds about what they want.”

According to a dermatologist, “While getting themselves tattooed, women have to keep in mind that they need to be absolutely sure that they really want to go for it. Because tattoos are permanent, if they donʼt like it after five-10 years, then it is often difficult to remove them. There are some colours, which cannot be removed even with the best of lasers. Standard colours, blue green, can be removed. Red, yellow, etc cannot be removed without scarring. If their minds will change after some years, it is better to go for the standard blue- green colour and not for the big or multi-coloured ones.”

Know What You Want

When it comes to women getting tattooed they should be firm on what they want and should not regret it a couple of years later. When they get names and initials tattooed they are emotionally driven. 90 per cent of women who get their partners name tattooed don’t end up with their partners and end up getting the same removed. So try not to get these things done or to think 10 times before you get them done because they are for a lifetime.

The hygiene of the tattoo parlour is also important. Needles should be of single-use and disposable or need to be sterilized properly like medical sterilization. This is because tattoo needles can transmit HIV, hepatitis B and other contagious diseases. Also, there is a third aspect, which is the area where they are tattooing. It is not a very good idea to do it on the tips of fingers because the blood circulation will be blocked. Sometimes, the skin in that area also dies. If you really want to do it, then it is better to tattoo in flat areas like upper arms, upper back, lower back or ankles.”

Basically, tattooing around the nipples is not a good idea because the milk secreting glands are located there. Ideally, it is better to avoid breasts. Sometimes small lumps can form as a result of the body’s reaction to tattooing. This happens when the ink is injected deeper than the skin or if the body shows an allergic reaction. Besides, it’s not good for the skin. Skin is natural. Tattooing is not natural because the ink, a foreign body, is injected into the skin. Women should go for it keeping in mind that it may not be completely safe and may result in an allergic reaction.

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