Top 4 Luxurious Wedding Diamond Accessories for Brides in 2012

Diamond is rare all over the world. It has a long history, exalted origin and the precious quality of never fading, which attract most celebrities to have a strong passion for it. Diamond is preferred by various famous jewelry brands. While hunting for some ornaments to spice up the appearance for the big day, most brides will also come up with the gorgeous appeal expressed by diamond. In 2012, brides will find lots of irresistibly luxurious diamond accessories on the market. They are twinkling and exquisite. Below, top 4 popular diamond embellishments from distinguish designers are listed.


Top 1: Graff Galaxy Diamond Wedding Necklace

Graff Galaxy Diamond Wedding Necklace215 diamonds with round cut are perfectly inlayed in platinum. Pure tincture on platinum wonderfully adorns the diamond and enables its luster to shine. Elegance and grace are expressed to the fullest.

Indestructible and precious qualities of diamond had been widely known by people in 1751. It was the favorite for the royal household. This treasure, which had been stored on the earth, was forged to be rings, breastpins and necklaces by skillful craftsmen in 1780s. The King of Louis XVI was the first people to own diamond accessories in record. As a symbol for holiness, the King of Spain Charles III asked the craftsmen to make gorgeous diamond tableware and sent them as a gift to the Pope. Aside from this, diamond was considered to be the token for love. As a devotee for diamond, Duchess of Windsor held the opinion that people should wear diamond accessories after 3PM. Diamond is the only noble metal for a dinner party.


Top 2: Harry Winston Diamond Wedding Necklace Watch

Harry Winston Diamond Wedding Necklace Watch It’s destined that diamond is closely bound up with luxury. Purity, rarity and never abrading enable it to irradiate bewitchingly. Except Louis XVI, a large amount of distinguished stars feel fascinated about gorgeous sense oozing out from it. It frequently appears on large-scaled film festivals and awards. On Oscar 2006, Jennifer Aniston wore a Bulgari platinum diamond necklace designed in 1930s, seeming overwhelmingly graceful. On the 80th Oscar, Anne Hathaway wore 10 carats of diamond earrings designed by Harry Winston, which is worth one million US dollar. White complexion is well flattered by the dazzling light on diamond, making the wearer seem irresistibly sexy. In October 22, 2009, actress Freida Pinto, who won the Oscar Awards by Slumdog Millionaire, wore a Chopard diamond bracelet for the premiere of Trishna, charming the crowd by an incomparably magnificent look. Each actress feels difficult to resist the noble appeal from diamond. So, diamond embellishments constantly appear on many important occasions.


Top 3: Graff Galaxy Diamond Wedding Watch

Graff Galaxy Diamond Wedding WatchDiamond is considered to be the king of noble metal. It blossoms gracefully together with top-level luxury symbol – platinum. As time goes by, sheen on diamond has never faded or discolored. In this case, it’s firmly believed by people that it’s a kind of precious metal with romance, mystery and grace. In 1900, Louis Cartier applied diamond on his garland-shaped crown and forged the first classic platinum jewelry. Since then, potentials on diamond was explored and innovated over and over. Its quality is revealed to the fullest at last.

Diamond is highly praised not only because of its pure luster and grace, but also due to its strong toughness. In this case, it can afford the best collocation for platinum and any other jewelry. Worldwide famous jewelry designers tend to combine both of these two. Driven by these fashion geniuses, diamond and platinum become the obvious choice for enshrined jewelry.


Top 4: Tiffany Celebration TM Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring 

Tiffany Celebration TM Platinum Diamond Wedding RingPlatinum is adopted as the supporter for the ring. It’s an ideal combination, being a great witness for everlasting love.

To seem charming on your big day, you do not only need to pick out a great dress, but also exquisite accessories, makeup, hairstyle etc.


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