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Fashion always moves in every season. There is always going to be a new style, a new trend, and a new accessory for every time of the year. As we approach the end of 2011, we are seeing some new fashion accessory trends arise in the world of fashion. Some are very chic and interesting, but others are a little bit more taboo and forward-thinking. Each one can be used in a smart way to make any outfit look fantastic. Pick the ones that make the most sense with your personal look.Fashion Accessory Trends

Solid metal jewelry is making its way from the runways of fashion into everyone’s daily wardrobe. Solid metal jewelry has not always been in style because most people imagine a slim pendant necklace or a little bracelet. However, it has come to pass that more and more women are wearing metal cuffs that take the place of jewel-adorned bracelets. Also, necklaces have given way to full-metal pieces.

Belt purses are also coming on strong. The belt purse may seem like a really odd rendition of the fanny pack, but it is much more. A belt purse goes quite well with any look that requires a belt to show off a woman’s figure. Using the belt and purse that match the outfit can tie a look together and allow the lady to have a place for her compact.

The leather harness has made its way from the taboo and shadowy corners or clubs to the forefront of fashion through its judicious use in looks that feature more traditional business attire. Give it a second look if you really want to change things up.

Women are now, more than ever, wearing more than just their wedding band or a special ring they received from a special someone. Costume jewelry is coming back on the scene with many more designers asking their models to wear layers and layers of rings. It may seem uncomfortable to some, but it is a really nice way to show long and slender fingers without overdoing the nail polish or wearing opera gloves.

Of all the fashion trends that are coming on the scene, each of these provides a very fresh and unique way for a woman to express herself and dress in a way that is completely different and cool. Don’t be afraid to try each of these trends to see if it works for you. You might have found your new “permanent accessory”.

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Melissa Davis is fashion blogger covering various topics, currently promoting wristbands and lanyards as new hip fashion accessories

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