Sep-29, 2014
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Fitness Tips

Life begins at 40, they say – especially for women. Thatʼs because it is at this age when women are almost through with their responsibilities and they now have enough free time to rediscover and relive their lives again. It is also the age when the metabolism slows down and needs a boost so that women can be fit and healthy in the coming years of their lives. When diets simply donʼt work alone and energy levels are certainly low, they need to be clubbed with certain food supplements and exercises so as to increase and enhance the metabolic rate. [&hellip

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Apr-16, 2013
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Heat Exhaustion Prevention

When the temperature soars and humidity rises, it’s time to take precautions to avoid dangerous health consequences. With heat exhaustion and stroke, the most susceptible among us are elderly people, children, and people with chronic illnesses. Elderly people (that is, people aged 65 years and above) are more prone to heat stress than younger people for several reasons: Elderly people do not adjust as well as young people to sudden changes in temperature. They are more likely to have a chronic medical condition that changes normal body responses to heat. They are more likely to take prescription medicines that impair [&hellip

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Mar-18, 2013
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Beat Pre Menstrual Blues

Do you dread that time of the month? You are not all alone. Millions of women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome. PMS is a condition that causes unpleasant symptoms that occur in the week or two weeks before women’s menstrual cycle. These symptoms go away after the period starts.  Causes of PMS Hormone imbalance and nutritional deficiencies that occur during the transition phase of the reproductive system of the body are the prime contributors to the premenstrual syndrome. The chemicals responsible for transmitting nerve signals are affected by changes in hormonal levels resulting in emotional and psychological symptoms. Symptoms: A vast [&hellip

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Mar-04, 2013
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Woman in Beach

Heat affects us as we are warm-blooded animals. The human body must maintain constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius with slight individual variations. The body has its own thermostat hypothalamus located in the brain – for this purpose. Laws of physics are clear. Heat flows from a hot body to a cold body. On a hot summer day a man standing in the sun gains as much as 350-450 kilocalories of energy per hour. If he is doing moderate work he gains another 350 kilocalories through metabolism – a total of 700- 800 kilocalories of energy per hour. Even if [&hellip

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Jan-21, 2013
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Program Your Mind to Reach Your Ideal Weight

When you think of fighting the extra weight in your body, you may not list your mind as the first thing that you need to manipulate. But it is what should be. You may be having some idea on how your emotions influence your eating habits, but you may not know that our brain has a greater influence than it. A recent research by the Brookhaven National Laboratory revealed that women were more prone to emotional cravings for food. For this study, the volunteers were asked to fast for 17 hours, after which they were subjected to brain-imaging PET scanners, [&hellip

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Dec-03, 2012
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Stay Slim Forever

Anita Bean, a celeb dietician, and an award winning author and health writer from the UK has recently published her book named “Slim Secrets”, where she unlocks secrets on how to lose weight and stay fit with safe dieting. Her deep knowledge in the field of food and nutrition stems from her 18 long years of experience in it. If you are someone who has tried all the weight loss measures under the sky, yet have found no results, this book would be the right pick for you. According to the Daily Express, Anita Bean stated that there are several [&hellip

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Nov-20, 2012
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Seven Steps To a Slimmer You

Every woman in this world would like to have a slim and trim figure. Some of them are blessed with it, while most are not. This article discusses 7 easy steps that would make you look slim instantly. Avoid tight as well as baggy clothes It is a common misconception that women who are bulky would appear thinner in tight clothes. The truth is, it will only have the opposite effect. Likewise, wearing baggy clothes will also make you appear heavier than you actually are. So, the knack is to go for perfectly fitting clothes. Ask your tailor to stitch [&hellip

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Nov-15, 2012
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Detect Breast Cancer

To give a fair idea about noticing any abnormality in the woman’s breast, it is imperative to know the normal structure of the breast. Woman’s breast is made up of glands called lobules that generate milk, ducts or tubes carry milk from lobules to nipples, lymph vessels and fatty connective tissues, and blood vessels. Where does cancer start in the breast? Most cancers in the breast begin in the cells that line the ducts which is called ductal cancer. Some start in the lobules, called lobular cancer and relatively a less number begin in other tissues. Breast cancer is a [&hellip

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Nov-14, 2012
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Easy Sleeping Tips

Technology has improved a lot and the world has witnessed many advances in every existing field today. Side by side, people are also confronted with many health issues. One such is the sleeping problem that is threatening multitudes these days. Sleepless nights can result in harming the physical and mental wellbeing of the people by decreasing their productivity, mental sharpness, emotional balance, energy levels, and immunity. This article provides you a few easy ideas to help you overcome sleep disorders. Stick to a strict sleeping schedule Going to the bed at the same time every night can help your body [&hellip

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Oct-16, 2012
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As overweight, obesity and the related ailments are taking their toll on account of our changed lifestyle, dieting is becoming more and more popular, particularly among the young women. Many of them even go to the extent of virtually starving themselves while exercising frantically to remain slim and, thus, look beautiful. It is a dangerous attitude borrowed from the West, which deprives the body of the proper nutrition necessary for maintenance, growth and various physiological functions to keep us healthy, fit and alive. Known as “anorexia nervosa”, it is a psychological phenomenon particularly harmful to young women as it causes [&hellip

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