Feb-21, 2014
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dining out

Nowadays, eating at restaurants has become a pretty expensive affair. Every item on the menu has become costlier by a minimum five-10 rupees. Petrol prices are rapidly skyrocketing. Yet, I wonder to see the ever-swelling crowd of dinners and foodies at any little restaurant. This is indeed surprising. Cinema halls and multiplexes aren’t houseful any longer despite Indians being the most ardent cinegoers. Yet, all eateries seem to be bursting at the seams. This dining out culture has become an in-thing. I remember, it used to be a once-in-a-blue moon occasion when my parents would take me to a restaurant, [&hellip

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Aug-28, 2013
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Interior Carpeting

Decorating a small living room can be a challenging task. One may have tons of decorating ideas but unfortunately only limited space. Sometimes, no matter how you arrange the furniture, the room would still seem more suffocating than relaxing. You can, however, make your small living room appear more spacious by choosing the right flooring materials. Carpets and rugs make the room look warmer and cosier without the cramped up feeling of too much furniture. Throw in some bright cushions and you have a cosy spot for yourself. Carpeting is one of the most salient aspects of decorating the home [&hellip

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Jul-10, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse
Prevent Child Abuse

We live in a country where every 2.5 hours a child below 16 is raped. A survey conducted by the ministry of women and child development (WCD) revealed chilling figures – that more than 53 per cent of Indian children have faced some form of sexual abuse in their lifespan. And the most agonizing revelation is that out of these sexually-abused children, 50 per cent abusers were known to the victims and were in a position where the child and the family members trusted them. Who can forget last year’s incident in north Delhi when a father was arrested for [&hellip

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May-14, 2013
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Are You Watching More TV

The religion section of dailies in India reported on a discourse on the Bhagavad Gita in the cities. Talking about the desires that arise in the mind, the pieces stated how futile they were. The desires could either be fulfilled or not. In the former case, the consequent ‘happiness’ or satisfaction would be fleeting. If, on the other hand, the desire was not fulfilled, there would be a lot of frustration. Given this assessment it appears that the human being is not destined to be ‘happy’. However, there is some good news. Happiness is relative and, yes, some people have [&hellip

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May-10, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Ways to Avoid Impulse Buying
impulse buying

You go to the supermarket to stock up on your kitchen supplies but when you return home, you find you have bought a few more items that you never planned on buying. Agreed, you needed the biscuits for the kids and the rice and pulses for your meals; but what about that key chain with jingling bells that was hanging at the cash counter looking so irresistibly cute? Most of us occasionally indulge in such impulse buying but if you do it too often, you could end up with a lot of clutter at home. More importantly – and especially [&hellip

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Apr-11, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Managing Teenage Anger
Teenage Anger

Managing teenage anger requires expertise which only a few parents possess. A large number of parents just do not know how to handle teenage tantrums, a common cause of friction these days. Teenage, or adolescence, is the most complicated period of our lives. It is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood, when a teenager is neither a child nor an adult, leading to situations where he or she is too old or too young to do something. In the earlier days, joint families took care of the emotional needs of every member of the family. But, today, nuclear [&hellip

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Apr-04, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Make Vacations Fun – Creatively Filling Up Kids Holidays
Holiday Reading

Prior to the summer holidays every day in the newspaper we see lots of advertisements and pamphlets mentioning the summer camps and other activities to engage the children in the summer vacations. Above all, to restrain the nuisance, all parents make it a point to enroll their children in such activities so that they will follow the same routine which they are following at the school time. Although summer camps and other creative and mind developing activities are in vogue, it is a golden opportunity also to spend quality time with your kids. Especially for working parents, summer vacations can [&hellip

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Apr-03, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean
clean bathroom

Do you feel that your bathroom is a neglected area in your house and it needs more concentration? And you are worried that weekends are spent just on cleaning your bathroom and it seems to be a long process? No problem. Here are some tips for you to follow regularly to avoid unwanted hassle in clearing your bathroom and in the course of time, you will find the maintenance as easy and habitual. Sparklingly bright and clean your bathroom too. How? Do it regularly The first thing to remember is regularity in maintaining any room for that matter- bathroom in [&hellip

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Mar-05, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on A Tribute to Women on International Women’s Day
International Women's Day

March 8th is marked as International women’s Day, a major day of global celebration. It’s a day devoted to acknowledging the economic, political and social achievement of women. Evolution of International Women’s Day celebrations It started before the turn of the 20th century. On March 8th 1857, women from clothing factories started a protest over oppressive working conditions, poor pay and inequality in New York City, which became a labor union two years later and more protests were held by women on 8th March in the following years. This also coincided with the rising demand by women for voting rights [&hellip

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Mar-04, 2013
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Woman in Beach

Heat affects us as we are warm-blooded animals. The human body must maintain constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius with slight individual variations. The body has its own thermostat hypothalamus located in the brain – for this purpose. Laws of physics are clear. Heat flows from a hot body to a cold body. On a hot summer day a man standing in the sun gains as much as 350-450 kilocalories of energy per hour. If he is doing moderate work he gains another 350 kilocalories through metabolism – a total of 700- 800 kilocalories of energy per hour. Even if [&hellip

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