Nov-07, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Happy Diwali Shopping – Ensuring Value for Money
diwali shopping

Follow these guidelines and you will enjoy the best of Indian products and services, for it is up to us, consumers, to ensure that we receive quality that is on par with the very best in the world. Be it a television set or a radio, a toaster or an iron, a cosmetic or a perfume, a crockery item or a toy, Diwali is one time when one goes for the shopping of these things. The list is, in fact, endless, and includes soaps, cars/bikes, alcohol, cigarettes, sports items, clothes, insecticides, et al. In India today, with the liberalization in [&hellip

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Oct-26, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Why Choosing the Right Toy Can Benefit Your Child’s Development

Here’s something to think about: what is the value of the toys you give your children? I’m not speaking about the monetary value. God knows there are plenty of expensive toys in the market today – just visit an ordinary toy shop, and you would know exactly what I’m talking about. But the question here is: are these expensive toys any help to the development of your child? Even if a toy is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it will benefit your child’s mental, physical, and emotional growth. We all know that children begin to develop their personalities based on [&hellip

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Oct-23, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Are Women Discriminated Against in the Workplace?

Discrimination has been and continues to be a terrible part of our lives. Just the idea that a person can treat another person badly simply due to their gender, race or something else they can’t control is deeply troubling. Discrimination can greatly affect your life in more ways than one. This is especially true when discrimination enters the workplace. Women have suffered many incidents of discrimination in the workforce over the years, but they have fought to get equal rights. There has been a drastic change for the better for women in the workforce over the decades, but is discrimination [&hellip

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Sep-14, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on What Happens When Teenage Girls Grow Up
Adolescent Girls

Society has finally awakened to the existence of the adolescent girl. It has begun to realize that adolescence is a period that needs special attention and care. Till a generation ago the bewildering changes that took place in a girl’s life were kept under wraps. There were physical, emotional and psychological upheavals with which she was unable to cope. Menstruation came as a shock and was spoken of in hush-hush terms. The distraught girl was told was that she had become a woman now and had to be wary of predators called men. This confused her still further. She was [&hellip

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Sep-06, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Get Rid of Underarm Stains
armpit stains

Dealing with your armpit is hard. For such a small part of your body, it requires so much care and maintenance. You need to watch its appearance—light or dark, smooth or bumpy, hairy or clean. You even have to monitor the way it smells. Why, it’s practically like taking care of another person altogether. As one of the areas where sweat glands most potently do their job, we learn quickly to become very conscious of our armpits’ smell and the acidic moisture it causes to permeate our clothes. The world’s answer to these problems is antiperspirant, which keeps that pesky [&hellip

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Sep-04, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Prevent Electrical Short Circuits and Stay Safe
Electrical Safety

Short circuit refers to a faulty electrical system/circuit in which current happens to travel in a direction in which it is not supposed to. The result is excessive current flow causing overheating, circuit damage, fire and sometimes explosion. Short circuits have created havoc in many reported cases in residential as well as commercial premises. Short circuits can/should be prevented to keep yourself and your surroundings safe and avoid damage of property. They are often caused by our own negligence and we fail to realize the grave hazards involved with short circuits. Here are some tips to understand the common causes [&hellip

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Aug-30, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on 10 Tech Tips for Moms
Tech Tips for Moms

In this day and age, technology advances at an almost alarming rate. It is for this reason that moms should take an active role and stay in-the-know when it comes to their kids and technology. If you are a mom who could use a little assistance in this area, the following tech tips can help you out. 1. Make an Effort to Understand Technology When it comes to technology and your kids, one of the best things to do is make an effort to understand the gadgets and games that your kids enjoy. If you know what they are using [&hellip

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Aug-28, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How Divorce Can Affect Your Credit

Unfortunately, divorce is a fact of life for many people. It changes families and can have an impact on other things in your life, including your finances. Because marriage is typically viewed as an institution where trust is paramount, spouses generally share bank accounts. When people split up, money issues are usually important to both sides. There is one very important financial matter that can affect your life following a divorce–your ability to borrow money. Following are a few tips on how divorce can affect your credit. Does Divorce Affect Your Credit Score? Not always. While the act of divorcing [&hellip

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Aug-27, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How To Stay Safe When Home Remodelling
Home Remodelling

Being a home owner, you will be performing major/minor remodelling or repairs in your house. It must be remembered by you that safety should always come first while undertaking such a job. A house, during the course of its remodelling or repair, is a veritable mine-field of hazards. Unless proper steps of precautions are taken, the project could easily cue serious injuries or even fatalities. This article would try to point out a few tips that you must make a point to follow to prevent any untoward accident. Boots There is a very specific reason why construction boot are heavy [&hellip

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Aug-27, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Manage a Household Budget on Low Income
How to Manage a Household Budget on Low Income

Managing your family is no easy business, and not only that, you have to take care of your finances and other bills too. A low income family may find it difficult to manage a household budget and it is not an impossible task, but it will require tons of discipline, a lot of calculations and determination to pull this through. Good thing we have tips for you to keep your make sure that your household budget organized and followed: Set your priorities- list these down as you decide which ones in your life should take place first. These are the [&hellip

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