Jul-07, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Corelle’s Break Resistant Dinnerware
Nouveau 16pc Dinnerware

Corelle is known for its chip-resistant dinnerware, along with being stylish and beautiful. These plates are made using Vitrelle, their proprietary technology, that thermally bonds together three layers of glass, making it durable. To prove its strength and durability, they have shot a video that’ll demonstrate just that. Why Corelle? Corelle’s products are lightweight, chip resistant, microwave safe, fade resistant patterns, break resistance glass, dishwasher safe and stackable. They also come in many patterns and designs that you are sure to find one to you liking

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Jul-03, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on 7 Must Have Foods in Your Kitchen
Foods in Kitchen

Vegetables and fruits are good; Oreos and potato chips are not! It’s not exactly what you call rocket science; nevertheless, have you any idea if your pantry and fridge is stocked with healthy foods – the ones which provide optimum nutrition? The importance of following a healthy diet is stressed on so often; yet figuring out the foods that are truly good for your health seems to be hard. Following is a list of foods that make for a hale and hearty diet. Yogurt Loaded with potassium, vitamin B and calcium, yogurt is one of the many diet foods that [&hellip

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Jun-29, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Why Should You Use Glass Worktops for Your Kitchen
Glass Worktops

One of the most important spaces in a home is the kitchen. The appearance, cleanliness and hygiene of the room should be given its due importance. While planning a home, you should not compromise on the design of your kitchen. When you cook, there is bound to be some spills and vapours from cooking that can dirty your worktop and walls. Incorporating a glass worktop is the latest trend in kitchen design. The following are the top reasons why you should opt to have a glass worktop in your kitchen. From Plain to Glass Worktops It has become commonplace to [&hellip

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Jun-28, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Tips for Decorating Your Patio
Patio Furniture

Although there is no dearth of ideas for decorating your patio, you have to be careful while actually attempting it. That is because most people tend to over or under decorate the patio. They add too many elements and make it cluttered, or add only a few leaving the patio wanting more decorative elements. In order to get the right balance, envision how your patio should look after it is finished. If you are still unsure of how to go about it, here are some of the tips you can use to make your patio more attractive and influence you [&hellip

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Jun-28, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on 5 Tips for Teaching Your Teen Driver
Teen Driver

Teaching your teen how to drive is a big responsibility that can seem intimidating. It’s up to you to make sure that your child understands how to operate a vehicle, how to follow all driving rules and how to deal with other drivers. By keeping some basic tips in mind, this responsibility won’t seem so daunting. 1. Introduce the Rules of the Road Have your teen read through a copy of the driver’s handbook before taking your teen out on the road. This is a good way to introduce them to driving rules and regulations. It will also allow you [&hellip

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Jun-26, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Tips to Eliminate Household Odours
Tips to Eliminate Household Odours

Households can end up feeling stale and stagnant because of the build-up of odours and smells. Think of your home like a human: give it space to breathe. A common way to do this is simply open up windows and create a cross breeze. We underestimate the importance of fresh air—inducing airflow is a key tip. Here are a few tips to give you a more odour-friendly home! Fabric softener sheets Place dryer sheets wherever you place your towels, washcloths, sheets, and toiletries. Linen closets or other storage areas are ideal to store fresh sheets in. This allows the gathering [&hellip

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Jun-22, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Tips on How to Unclog a Toilet
Unclog a Toilet

There is nothing more frustrating than a clogged toilet – especially if you have no idea on how to unclog it. If you live in London you could call a local London plumber, but what if you don’t have a plumber who is near you, you don’t who to call or you don’t have the time to wait for one? If that is happens, you may have to resort to doing it yourself. These tips will help do so. The worst thing you can do is rapid flushing. This will only exacerbate the problem and make things worse. If it’s [&hellip

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Jun-18, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Clean Your House Faster
Clean Your House

Although cleaning house probably isn’t your favorite way to spend part of the day, it’s one of those tasks that you have to make time for every now and then. And if you’re not a big fan of house cleaning, it’s time to pick up some tips to help you clean your house faster. Learning new ways to help you clean your house quickly will afford you more time to do the things you enjoy and make it easier for you to clean up when you’re really pressed for time. Highlighted for you here are some great tips that will [&hellip

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Jun-16, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Prevent Household Pests
Household Pests

Household Pests are common troublemakers that everybody wants to get rid of. A house which is clear of rodents and other pests is a pleasure to stay in. House – hold pests such as rats, cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes not only cause a lot of inconvenience to the residents of the house but also pose a serious health hazard. Avoid the nuisance created by household pests by following the precautions listed below: Keep the house, especially the kitchen area, clean and tidy. Remove any crumbs or spills on the floor. Mop the floors and shelves with a household cleaner, at [&hellip

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Jun-04, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Eating Disorders in Teenagers
Eating Disorders in Teenagers

Certainly, Bollywood influences our lives and thoughts, so when actresses are slimming, an increasing vogue for showing bare flesh on screen and Western ideas about body size and beauty take hold not only in India’s big cities but in smaller towns also. No doubt there have been a lot of changes in the last decade, whether it’s in modeling or in Bollywood. Skinny models and lean actresses might look good on ramps or films, but teenagers who consider them role models are becoming victims of eating disorders. That is the reason why conditions like anorexia and bulimia are increasing in [&hellip

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