May-23, 2012
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Woman Drinking Water

The summer season is at its peak and the summer heat is making its presence felt. The rising temperatures, excessive heat and soaring humidity bring with it myriad of problems. Prickly heat is the most common problem in summers. The long languorous days of hot and humid weather can really be torturous to people whose skin has a tendency to break into prickly heat rashes. The rising levels of mercury causes excessive sweating which often leads to skin irritation, itching and redness of the skin with prickly sensation. Prickly heat also known as summer rashes is caused by blocked pores. [&hellip

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May-12, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Recognize Signs of Autism
Signs of Autism

Autism is a group of developmental disorders that is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world. Affecting more boys than girls, autism presently has no solid cause or cure. Although the outlook for kids diagnosed with autism used to be fairly grim, there are now many different treatment options available. If you would like to know how to recognize signs of autism, the following tips can help. Familiarize Yourself Before you can recognize signs of autism, it is best to familiarize yourself a bit. Autism is considered a group of disorders because not every case of autism is created [&hellip

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May-09, 2012
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A Calendar Too Crowded

1. For the benefit of our readers, tell us a bit about yourself? When did you first start writing and why? Okay, to answer the matrimonial set up question in the beginning I think I should tell you that I am a Bengali girl from a decent family, with no bad habits and male friends! LOL! Instead, I think I will tell you that I am the recluse girl-next-door, who is extrovert and has a sharp tongue but you shall barely know what is happening in her life- because I fiercely guard my life. The reason lies in my Gemini [&hellip

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May-06, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed
child wetting the bed

If your child is a serial bed wetter, you may feel angry or frustrated but you should understand that your child is not the only one, as there are millions of kids in every part of the world who do the same. Scolding your child is not going to get you anywhere as this is something your child just cannot control so what is the point of making him feel bad about it? The fancy name for bed wetting is enuresis and while you may find it hard to believe, the truth is that this is something that runs in [&hellip

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May-05, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to Baby Proof Your Home
Babyproof Your Home

Accidents involving little children happen much more often than we think. We may consider our home to be a safe haven. But to a little baby who is just learning to crawl or walk, who is only 12 to 24 inches above the floor, and who is busy exploring new activities every day, it can present a 101 accident traps. They can fall into a bucket of water, splatter themselves with a pan of hot food left at the edge of a kitchen counter, and get an electric shock when they poke their finger into a plug point which is [&hellip

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Apr-30, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Enjoying a Summer Vacation on a Budget
Summer Vacation

Getting away from the stress of everyday life is rejuvenating. Vacations also provide the opportunity to share fun memories with the family or special friends. Even if the budget is tight this summer, an inspiring vacation is still possible. The trick to getting away for a dream vacation on a budget is planning and finding the right resources. Stay Closer To Home If you’re fortunate enough to live within in driving distance of a popular destination, e.g. Disneyland, or SeaWorld, you will find tremendous savings by avoiding airplane costs. Oftentimes these types of parks recognize locals, and offer discounts especially [&hellip

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Apr-28, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Simple Rules for Better Sleep
Couple Sleeping

Contrary to popular belief, sharing a bed is often one of the most difficult things to do. People spend most of their lives sleeping all alone on their bed comfortably therefore allowing themselves to toss and turn whenever and wherever they like without anyone’s objection. However, the story changes altogether when you share a bed with your partner. It is important to realize that there is actually some bed sharing rules that should be followed in order to ensure that you and your partner have a good sleep every night. Luckily, these rules are easy to understand and simple to [&hellip

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Apr-27, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Exploring Career Options for Women

Over the years, the attitudes regarding women working outside the home have changed dramatically. Women were expected to stay home, keep a tidy house and raise children, but today are nearly required by society to do all of those things plus pull in a 40-hour per week paycheck to help with expenses. These days, many women seek more than simple day-to-day jobs that bring in money – they want careers that can last a lifetime and pay the bills. Though a woman can usually hold and excel at most of the same jobs as men, there are a few areas [&hellip

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Apr-17, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on The Impact Of Reading To A Child
Mother Child Reading

Many people today don’t know just how much children and their education as a whole can be impacted by their parents. Often they do not grasp how important it is to demonstrate a healthy, productive, and educational lifestyle for children even as young as an infant. For many children going to kindergarten this will be their stepping stone for how well they perform in academics as well as progress in their learning capabilities. Recent studies have shown that while a child’s father can impact their life and academics, however the mother of the child can prove to be the greatest [&hellip

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Apr-17, 2012
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Kids in the Kitchen

Time in the kitchen is something that both children and parents can share and enjoy together. It always gives my kids a bit of a thrill to know they are making their own treats or helping me out at snack or meal times. Even better; any food that they help me to make is usually eaten without any fuss whatsoever when the time comes to sit at the dinner table. There are a variety of simple recipes that do not require much effort but are fun for younger children to help prepare. You may have to do some prepping on [&hellip

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