Apr-12, 2012
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Planning for the Future

Continual planning for your family is an important aspect to raising a family. There is so much in preparing, executing, and maintaining that it can be a difficult process to navigate through. Regardless of your financial situation, there are always things that can be done in order to relieve some of the stress in ensuring the stability of today and tomorrow. Savings It is difficult, at best, to put away money for emergency situations. Thankfully tens of thousands of dollars is not required for an emergency fund. Since everyone’s financial situation is different, it is difficult to give a baseline, [&hellip

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Mar-29, 2012
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Kids Cleaning

It’s a good idea to get your kids involved in the housework as early as possible while you can still make it seem like fun. You will need to ensure that what they are doing is safe and if you have zip heated taps make sure they are child proof before you allow them near the sink. Boiling water taps are a great energy and time saving device but it’s all too easy for kids to get burned. If you are not sure where to start on getting your kids involved in the housework, here are a few tips to [&hellip

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Mar-28, 2012
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Clean Carpet Stains

It is often the unfortunate occurrence that a spillage on carpet may cause a stain. Carpets can be very expensive and a hassle to replace so it is therefore important to find the best ways to remove stains from carpeting. Although there are many products available on the market for removing tough stains, which product or chemical to use will largely depend on the type of stain. Here are a few ways to remove certain types of stains. For any stain it is first important to try and use a mild detergent to remove the stain. The detergent should be [&hellip

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Mar-27, 2012
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Clean Home

For most of us, winter is well and truly over. Flowers have started to bloom in the garden, birds are chirping cheerfully, and the general temperature of the house is no longer sub-zero. You’re no longer confined to sitting in front of the fire (or under-desk heater, or radiators!), so there’s no good reason to avoid spring cleaning. It’s time to cast off the winter blues, and make your house cheerful ready for the summer. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a quick and easy spring-cleaning checklist: Clear out The Clutter Start with the easy jobs. Go through [&hellip

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Mar-26, 2012
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Compact Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the home. It is used on a very regular basis by every member of a household. It is often the room in the home where family come to relax after a hard day. Therefore, every living room needs to feel comfortable and inviting and needs to look spacious. This can be difficult though for homes that only have a very compact living room. However, by following a few simple tips any living room can be made to look a lot more spacious. Choose colour carefully The colour of a [&hellip

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Mar-25, 2012
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Ideas for Redesigning Your Home

With home improvement budgets tighter than ever the total redecoration of rooms in the home may not always be practical. However, by redesigning a room the appearance of that room can be totally changed for the better without the significant expense of a major remodel. When considering remodelling the best place to start is with pencil and paper. It is certainly much easier to move items around on paper than to haul around bulky furniture. Decide what furniture and fittings can be reused in the redesign and what has to go. Sofas and coffee tables Living room furniture that is [&hellip

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Mar-24, 2012
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Blooming Flower Bottle Stopper

Add a touch of spring to your bridal shower with flowery and romantic accents that will give your party a fun but intimate feel! These bright and sunny bridal shower favors are the perfect way to tell your guests “thank you” while keeping with the warm weather theme! This Blooming Flower Bottle Stopper Favor is perfect for any spring bridal shower. The flowers and pastel colors will look great on any table. This bottle stopper comes in a clear gift box with window that looks out into a sunny spring day. A great touch this favor is the white ribbon [&hellip

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Mar-24, 2012
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Reading Spot

There are few activities more relaxing and satisfying than curling up in a comfy and cosy reading-spot, and losing yourself in a good book.  A well designed reading spot can greatly enhance your reading pleasure, and be the difference between a blissful cover-to-cover reading experience, or one interrupted by cricked necks and irritating drafts. A Great Reading Window A window alcove (or just a spot near a window) is a great place for a reading spot.  You can open the window for fresh air, and if you have a garden view you can enjoy looking out at birds and lush [&hellip

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Mar-22, 2012
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Women’s Empowerment and Liberation

From woman as a saint to woman as a seductress, there is only a tiny veil of demarcation. This sheer fabric’s role depends on the male. In cultures across the globe, you have goddesses worshipped and feared at the altar but the humble housewife is beaten and daughter considered an undesirable burden. It is not surprising Virginia Wolfe once noted that for a woman to be able to write, she should have ‘A Room of One’s Own’. Where does this leave women in the 21st century who are able to hold down jobs, date, make life decisions? The problem is [&hellip

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Mar-20, 2012
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Multi Tasking

Life should be spent relaxing and enjoying the family, but distractions sometimes prevent busy women from being able to do what matters the most. Learning how to manage time is of the utmost importance if there is to be time for more important issues like making family memories. Many things can interfere with a woman’s time such as phone calls or work issues. However, there are a few tips that can help someone focus on staying on track to accomplish a task in less time and creating more time for family activities. These tips can help stop the distractions from [&hellip

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