Sep-30, 2014
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Test Tube Babies

Infertility has always been an issue which has brought forth many social and psychological traumas in the society. A childless woman was considered a bad omen on happy occasions in the family. Advances in medical science have come to the aid of such childless couples with the development of various new assisted-reproduction techniques. These medical methods are technically called as assisted reproduction. Assistance in reproduction could be done in various ways. Ovulation induction: Ovulation, which is the release of an egg from the ovary, is not always a regular and predictable event. In fact, nearly 30 per cent of infertility [&hellip

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Feb-20, 2013
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Post Pregnancy Fitness

Hi, are you an expectant mother or a new mother? Afraid of post pregnancy weight? Want to look slim and trim as usual? Try the tips below and find out the results. 1. Be patient Many moms have the tummy even after the delivery and do not feel free to move along with others. It is not something unusual. After all you have lodged your babe in your womb for many months and its emptiness has to reshape itself over a period of time, not within a wink of the eye. It takes time for your hips and abdomen to [&hellip

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Feb-07, 2013
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After Lovemaking

Let us admit it, every time we make love, it indeed bothers every woman – we fear getting pregnant. Whatever the case may be when you have made out with your boyfriend or husband, the fear sends the same cold shivers down the body of every woman. An unplanned pregnancy can be a traumatic experience for the mother and for the conceived baby, often causing a lot of embarrassment. It can lead to a lot of mental and emotional stress and trauma, wreaking havoc on the mother’s and child’s health. It can even go to the extent of ruining your [&hellip

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Jan-11, 2013
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Quit Smoking during Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy has an adverse effect on your baby. It can lead to ectopic pregnancy, bleeding, miscarriage, premature labor, neo natal death, low birth weight of the baby, still born baby, etc. So, stopping smoking during pregnancy is essential. However, this is not quite easy. This article deals with matters like what research says regarding the effect of smoking on pregnant women and how to quit smoking. What does research say? A research by the British Medical Journal suggests that the ill-effects of tobacco on the foetus can be reduced or even nullified if the pregnant mother quits smoking [&hellip

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Nov-23, 2012
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working mothers

Motherhood promotion is a yearning possibility for every woman, who enjoys it with all motherly thrills in the upbringing. But, all along working mothers have to bear the burden of meticulous planning as they do not stay home during their working hours. When they are away they have to hold dual responsibilities, one at the workplace and the other at home when kids are not in school and at school when kids start going to school. Therefore, every working mother needs to divide her attention to two areas, home and school. Home: Keeping a household support of near and dear [&hellip

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Nov-21, 2012
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Naughty Kid

Every child exhibits some sort of naughty behavior during one or a few of his growth stages. This sort of behavior may be exhibited by your child in order to test your reaction to his actions in order to know what is permitted and what is not; or may be a result of a change in his environment; or it may be his tactic to get your attention; or it may be due to jealousy of a sibling. Various things have a bearing on your child’s behavior, and these include his genetics, his school environment, your (parental) behavior, medical problems, [&hellip

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Nov-19, 2012
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teaching kids to eat

By nature, Kid’s mood keeps changing from time to time. Almost every mother knows it. It is beyond every body’s comprehension to describe the happiness and joy of the mother in seeing her kid do all naughty things. But, when it comes to their eating they get angry if they do not eat properly. This is the mistake they are committing. They need to know that they should create interest in them to eat properly and they should also know that children must get hungry to volunteer eating. Following are some tips that help you guide how to go about [&hellip

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Oct-26, 2012
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In today’s fast-paced world individuals are surrounded by mental chaos and exhaustion. It leaves us with little time for our loved ones. In the race with time we often forget our family relationships and our responsibilities towards them. In a family, man and woman play equally important role. Traditionally man is the bread winner and woman rears children. The modern-day changing lifestyle and schedules lead to hectic daily routines. As a result young couples don’t get enough time for each other. This is a major problem that has caused delays in pregnancies and often these delays lead to a lot [&hellip

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Oct-10, 2012
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Keep Away Period Pains

Menses is a monthly reminder of how privileged women are to experience the miracle of childbirth if and when they wish. However, the discomfiture which often accompanies the periods makes women dread that time of the month. Try these methods to keep away or at least reduce the intensity of the pain. Pain relief: Popping over-the counter painkillers should be last on your list. The Indian kitchen with its assortment of herbs and spices is a treasure trove of natural medicines. Reach out for turmeric, ginger, tulsi, pudina and cinnamon and add them liberally in curries, juices and salads to [&hellip

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Sep-18, 2012
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The Husband’s Role during Wife’s Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is given great importance amidst family and friends and hogs the limelight wherever she goes. Having played the miniscule role of supplying the sperm the would-be father is eased out of focus. I am sure you would like this to happen, for gone are the days when childbearing and child-rearing were considered a purely feminine business. With the breakdown of joint families and an increasing number of working women, the father has become an active participant and is enjoying his role thoroughly. Understandably you have apprehensions of your own; after all, father – hood is a great [&hellip

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