Mar-25, 2012
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Fashion for New Mothers

For new mothers, staying in fashion is tricky, in fact just finding the time to put on a little make up is challenging most of the time – but if you’re the type who likes to look her best, how can you fit in a little ‘me time’ around your motherly duties? The trick is to know a few handy tips to make sure you can always step out of the house looking great, without spending a lot of time you don’t have to get the right result. Here are some great tips that will help you look good in [&hellip

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Mar-23, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Process Of Weaning – When To Stop Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Baby

Many young mothers face such a dilemma: when and how to wean the baby from breast milk. First of all, mommies, do remember that this is a totally individual choice and should be decided only by you. As long as you are comfortable feeding your baby you should continue feeding because there is absolutely no substitute for mother’s milk. Whether you feed your baby for one year or two is entirely your decision. Some babies stop without much ado but some babies refuse to let go. Here are a few tips which may help you in the weaning process. Carry [&hellip

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Mar-20, 2012
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Weight Loss after Pregnancy

The most serious and nagging problem that anew mother faces is loose those extra pounds gained during the pregnancy. It is difficult for new mothers to focus on their health and body as they have very little time and energy left after attending to their babies. Such women who need to lose weight and still have very less time can look for useful slimming tips on the internet. One thing that you should believe is that weight loss can be dramatically accelerated by adding just a few easy exercises into your daily routine. It is very important to make yourself [&hellip

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Mar-12, 2012
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Maternity Pants

One of several challenges that pregnant women face is the uncertainty of how to cope with the physiological changes that occur as their waistlines expand. First time mothers may be especially sensitive to this challenge, as the experience of pregnancy is new. A common complaint amongst pregnant women is the impossibility and un-comfortableness of maternity pants. This is especially true today, where so many women are busy with careers and rely on comfortable clothes to maintain focus on tasks and responsibilities. For these women, functionality and comfort are equally important. Although there are several different options for pregnant women when [&hellip

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Feb-15, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Relieving Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy
Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a normal physiological process but often not free from aches and discomforts which are directly related to the biomechanical effects of the growing uterus along with the hormonal changes. The fact is also true that pain associated with pregnancy is a truly subjective phenomenon with a lot of factors affecting and modulating it. Cultural factors and social circumstances, age, fear and anxiety, personality, fatigue, expectations, and distraction from pain can affect how a female perceives pain and copes with it. As a matter of fact, all women (including the non-pregnant) in India are susceptible to back pain. It [&hellip

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Jan-26, 2012
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Backache during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important but health-sensitive event for every woman. During pregnancy due to the growing foetus in the womb and changes in hormonal levels various physical, nutritious and emotional changes occur to somewhat inconvenience and cause mild problems in every woman during this period. Nausea, (morning sickness) during the early part of pregnancy is thought to be a sign of pregnancy. Back pain is very common too. As women gain weight, walk, sit and work in a new ways, various hormones secreted during pregnancy relax the muscles and tendons. All these can lead to back pain. Back pain usually [&hellip

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Jan-22, 2012
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Balancing Motherhood and Career

There is a whole breed of new-age women who do not choose to have a baby because of work commitments. This new “professional hazard” is spreading like an epidemic especially in metropolitan cities. Professional and personal opportunities have exploded for women over the past 30 years encouraging them to postpone motherhood. A majority of 33% high-achieving women who are childless at the age of 41-55 did not choose to be childless and would still like to have children. They simply forgot that their biological clock ticks in unison with the time-line for other achievements. When to see infertility expert: If [&hellip

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Jan-17, 2012
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Mother and Baby

The happiness you feel the moment your little bundle of joy reached your arms is truly immeasurable. However it is important that you know some simple parenting tips that will not only help you make an effective parent but most of all the kind of tips that will help you take good care of your newborn. It is important that you know these parenting tips especially if you are first time parent. Through these you will certainly avoid any accidents and such that will bring you and your family a lot of distress and problems. Being a new mom or [&hellip

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Jan-09, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on 10 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Child Another Language
Teach Another Language

There are many reasons to teach your child to speak another language. Many school curriculums now include foreign languages, some from a very early age, such as preschool. If your child’s school does not include foreign language in its curriculum, you should take steps to facilitate instruction yourself. Travel Convenience Speaking a foreign language makes it easy for your child to travel comfortably to another location. Whether it is for business or a family vacation, your child will reap the social and economic benefits of speaking more than one language.  Also, your child will be able to grasp the culture [&hellip

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Jan-05, 2012
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Kids Activities

Knowing how to read fluently can give your kids the keys to success.  If you are looking for a way to impact the future of your children, consider helping them improve their reading skills.  There are many fun ways that you can help your kids improve in reading without them even realizing it.  Use some of the activities below to help you. Family game night.  Playing games as a family is a fun way of improving reading skills.  Choose games that are on your children’s level and that will encourage them to read. Require them to read aloud during the [&hellip

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