Jan-04, 2012
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Even till a few years ago, teachers and pediatricians used to encourage parents to participate actively in all the activities of their children. But these same people have today realized that some parents take a little too much interest and tend to overwhelm the child. They have coined a new term for it, calling it “over-parenting”,  and, since most of these experts find that mothers are more prone to it and tend to constantly hover and buzz around their children, some wag has coined the term “helicopter moms”. “These are usually highly educated urban mothers, some of whom have given [&hellip

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Jan-02, 2012
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How to be prepared for your delivery
Pregnant Woman

Well now, when you are ready to welcome the new member in your family and you must have made his/her room and everything ready. But there are a few other things which you will require for yourself and the baby in the nearest future, which is your maternity bag. You should start preparing for your maternity bag just after completion of your seventh month, because its difficult for anybody to prepare it in emergency, you have to take care of very small things for its preparation. Here are some of the items that you need in your maternity bag. Firstly, [&hellip

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Dec-27, 2011
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Pregnant Lady

Several questions pertaining to pregnancy have been voiced time and again by expectant women. So it’s  no surprise if you find first-time mothers-to-be poring over numerous books, medical journals, listening to any piece of advice that comes their way, just to satisfy their deep-rooted curiosity about motherhood. So here’s help at hand to guide all first-time mothers-to-be safely through pregnancy. To begin with, pregnancy should be well planned. The ideal age would be somewhere between 21 and 25 and postponing it would make things a little difficult. Pregnancy is a physiological process, so essentially there need not be a great [&hellip

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Dec-27, 2011
Posted by Purnima Ramakrishnan | Comments Off on You are pregnant, Now what?
You are Pregnant Now What

Did you get a BFP (Big Fat Positive as they call it in the motherhood/baby care websites)? So, you are pregnant. Now what lies ahead for you on this beautiful bumpy (pun intended) road in pregnancy? Sharing the news: Sharing the news with family members, friends, colleagues and older kids are all equally important. Colleagues need to know for sure, because back up plans need to be made at your work place during your maternity leave. The sooner, the better they know. You need to break this news in a very careful way to your older kids. Tell them that [&hellip

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Dec-24, 2011
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Protecting Your Child’s Innocence
Mother and Child

When your child graduates from sitting to crawling, crawling to walking and henceforth, you get excited. This is a natural growing-up process. But if your five year- old daughter suddenly begins to show interest in wearing make-up or your 10-year-old girl wants to put on padded bras, or she gyrates to lyrics like Baby Iʼm your slave, Whip me if I misbehave, a popular Justin Timberlake number, its a reason to worry. We hear of such stories all the time and, unfortunately, the trend of children growing up too fast is catching on like wildfire. And, if you as a [&hellip

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Dec-22, 2011
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Postpartum Depression

We are fond of saying sentimentally that a woman feels really fulfilled only after she has a baby. That only when she holds her bundle of joy in her arms does she understand what it really means to be a woman. But, emotion aside, pregnancy and childbirth result in a complex mix of physical, hormonal, emotional and behavioral changes taking place in a woman and this whole package can affect her in various ways at different times. During pregnancy, for example, she could sometimes feel excited, full of energy and deliriously happy, but at other times, she could also have [&hellip

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Dec-21, 2011
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Reasons for Late Periods
Reasons for Late Periods

Late periods are a major cause for panic for the vast majority of sexually active women. If this has ever happened to you, you are probably fully aware of the awkwardness of having to go into the pharmacy for a pregnancy test, using it, hoping it comes out negative and then doubting the results. It’s always a good idea to check and double check—if you’re seriously in doubt, and have good reason for that doubt, your best bet would be to schedulpregnancy symptoms are not the only ones that cause the belatedness of menstruation. There is a great number of [&hellip

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Dec-09, 2011
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pregnant woman with doctor

With drastically changing lifestyles and strong genetic susceptibility, Indians are today much more prone to disorders like diabetes than they were a couple of decades ago. Our genetic predisposition coupled with the environmental factors such as obesity, stress, incorrect food preferences and sedentary habits have been instrumental in triggering off this epidemic. New and increased cases of diabetes affecting pregnant women (also known as gestational diabetes) are also on the rise with each passing year. In such a scenario, lifestyle and nutritional interventions undoubtedly emerge as prime players in the effective management of diabetes Type II and gestational diabetes. This [&hellip

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Dec-01, 2011
Posted by BielawskiCatanzarite343 | Comments Off on Planning a Pregnancy
Pregnant Woman and Child

Having a baby may be a dream come true – but it just isn’t always a bed of roses. Becoming expectant moms can be a journey to a different dimension of life and every woman needs to be prepared. Getting pregnant, especially for the first time can give you a great deal of questions and concern. So right planning is adviseable for the couple. Listed below are a list that could help a couple to know if they are actually ready to get pregnant: Finances – Each and every couple ought to be financially able to deal with a newborn [&hellip

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Nov-27, 2011
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on How Games make Children Smarter
Kids Playing

Do games really make children smarter? Apparently, many parents are buying into it, literally, because the market for books, DVDs, and games is skyrocketing. All of these products make the aim of enhancing your children’s intelligence with games a feasible possibility, but do the claims go too far? Are many of the products bogus? Smarter Products Whether or not the unique products have merit, the claim that children’s intelligence can be improved through games is a scientific reality. Take a look at the following studies that indicate that products, whatever medium they are in, that say children’s intelligence can be [&hellip

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