Jun-25, 2014
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Sex and Self Esteem

Sex taboos are disappearing. “A taboo,” says Havellock Ellis, “simply indicates something that is not done.” There are a number of things which were formerly forbidden in society. Huddling and cuddling in public were one. Now, they are no longer. Promiscuity, no wonder, is on the upswing. Youngsters are now ostriches. They coo and woo in public gaze thinking that no one is watching them. These modern ostriches care a damn for taboos of the past. They are rewriting moral codes. Pleasure is the motive. The sexiest song-and-dance sequences shown on various television channels add fuel to the erotic fire. [&hellip

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Apr-07, 2014
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sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a grave problem that is assuming increasing proportions throughout the world and across all cultures. Sexual harassment is unfortunately, a very common occurrence in workplaces. Irrespective of age, looks, academic qualifications, profession and marital status, sexual harass ment touches the lives of nearly 40-60 per cent of the women at the workplace and violates their basic rights to live and work with dignity. A congenial atmosphere is very necessary for effective working of the employees but sexual harassment can make women feel intimidated, uncomfortable and unsafe. It can have a drastic effect on the performance of the [&hellip

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Apr-07, 2014
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Dinner Dating

Believe it or not, a British mother has hit upon a novel idea to find a suitable partner for her daughter by publishing an article in a London newspaper – Who wants to date my daughter? The question has been intentionally constructed to sound similar to the popular Who wants to be a millionaire?, the original British TV quiz show that inspired the desi Kaun banega crorepati! The catch is that prospective partners need to send in a 500-word essay to Linda Adams, the mother, stating the reasons why they should be allowed to date Sabina, her 24- year-old daughter. [&hellip

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Jan-08, 2014
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Commitments Made Easier – How Not to Let a Break-Up Break You Up
Falling in love

Falling in love and finding commitment are one of the beautiful experiences of life. However, the benefits don’t come across as easily as they might have in the previous century. In the fast-paced world of today, with options like e-dating and the liberty given by parents, youth is easily taking to being quickly involved. While there are abundant advantages, the downsides of being involved, at that young age, outweigh the former. Without realising one’s responsibilities, the required dedication gets missed. Moreover, with the plethora of options available for entertainment, boredom and break-ups are natural. While the parents do realise the [&hellip

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Nov-26, 2013
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Women Bosses

Unfortunately, women are viewed as catty when discussing another employee. They are viewed as pushy, when making a suggestion. They are viewed as bossy when handing out assignments. They are accused of having a “monthly” problem whenever they show signs of being disagreeable. Women bosses must overcome the lasting stigma that applies to them. They can still be looked at as a threat to any of the men within the company and also must overcome any jealousy that may exist with any of the women. Men can be aggressive, however, women cannot. Women can be assertive, though. There is a [&hellip

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May-28, 2013
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Are You Still Single?

Some women, for reasons like family responsibilities, decide to remain single for long or forever. Considering all aspect of life, marriage is a necessity as it ennobles the partners. In the race for career excellence and financial independence, marriage often takes a backseat without realizing what they are missing out in life. With their newly-found freedoms with no checks on their movements or their friends, the tendency to go beyond the limits of cultural permissiveness is increasing. This is mostly for enjoying the available freedom out of sheer curiosity, need or desire to experiment even if it is against their [&hellip

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Apr-10, 2013
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After the sex act, begins the epilogue (the afterglow). This is often overlooked by couples who do not understand, or lack deep feeling for, each other. They turn away from each other. But when it is intense and considerate, afterplay an important part of love-making. Often, it is either slighted or bypassed depriving spouses of rich have of happiness. In a truly harmonious and happy marriage, afterplay attains full appreciation and recognition. However, it is not possible to pin-point this joy-giving phase. It may linger like a good perfume or die away like the final notes of a sweet melody. [&hellip

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Apr-09, 2013
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Chat Room Romance

There’s something very romantically mushy about bumping into the person of your dreams in a chat room. A witty banter a la Flizabeth Bennet and William Darcy can be the start of your love story. Words are fraught with myriad emotions and have a great potency to spin a magic yarn. Chatting facilitates every inch of that. Ask a few chatting veterans, many a heart has been broken and mended online. It’s a lonely world out there and finding a virtual friend can be a real boon at times. Friendship turns into love and you find your long-lost soul mate [&hellip

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Mar-21, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Is Long Distance Relationship a Barrier In Your Love Life?
Does long distance love work?

Heart to heart communication, otherwise known as love, is purely an emotional factor and cannot be decided just upon circumstances and situations. True love stands the test of any eventuality, as it vouchsafes the language of the heart. If so, be it you are physically separated or mentally agonized or you have communication problems with your love, it does not matter. To say in other words, all the barriers between you and your partner can be surmounted and you can overwhelm your spouse with the unspeakable love you bear for your other side despite distance factors.” How” is a million [&hellip

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Mar-01, 2013
Posted by Premium Woman | Comments Off on Five Things Never To Say in a Fight
Five things never to say in a fight

Every one of us will be having some unforgettable experiences of words that we wish we hadn’t uttered in a fight. We surely have come across arguments that have continued for hours or even days together, just because we said something that wasn’t apt. While in a fight, it is better not to say out certain things in order to keep your relationship up. “I told you so!” This statement gives a direct accusation effect which makes your partner aware of his or her weaknesses and faults. Bringing up your partner’s weaknesses and faults can mar your relationship with him [&hellip

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