Home Workouts for Busy Moms

Between children’s schedules, work and maintaining a household, working out often gets put off in favor of getting things done. But too many missed workouts lead to fatigue and stress over staying in shape. A little creativity can help busy moms maintain a workout schedule while keeping up with tasks needed to be accomplished throughout the day.

If you’ve had enough of having to forego your workout plans, one or more of these four workout ideas for busy moms might be the perfect solution for you.Workout for Women

Include the Kids

Sports: You don’t have to be a football, basketball or soccer expert to get outdoors and have fun with the kids. Since children are naturally inclined to be active, incorporate sports into your time together and burn calories in the process. Run, kick and toss a ball back and forth for 30 minutes for an excellent aerobic workout.

Biking & Hiking: Even children that don’t care to participate in sports enjoy biking or exploring. Alternate biking trips or hiking excursions for you and your child to spend quality time together and outside in the fresh air. Opt for biking on days when time is short because 30 minutes of biking burns the same calories burned with one hour of hiking or walking.

Wii Fit or Playstation Move: Whether it’s cold and rainy outside or you and your children aren’t really the outdoorsy types, working out with a video workout or game can be a fun way to stay fit with the kids. Wii Fit and Playstation Move both have a variety of exercise workouts or sports activities, such as golf, tennis and water sports.

Exercise for You and the Dog

Jog the Neighborhood: Walking the dog should be pleasurable, rather than stressful. Kill two birds with one stone by taking your dog on a jog around the neighborhood. If this is new to both of you, start out with a long walk interspersed with 30 seconds of jogging now and then. Eventually, you and Fido will be running around the neighborhood together.

Walk Scenic Trails: While moderate-length jogs are beneficial to your health so are long walks. If you and your dog are both craving time to get away from it all and recharge your body and mind, head to nearby trails at your local park or forest preserve for a long walk.

Biking Together: Train your dog to jog alongside you as you bike. Start out slowly until your dog gets accustomed to the routine. Once you’re both in a groove, you can enjoy 30 minutes of biking together which is an excellent workout for both of you.

Mother and Child Exercise Classes

Yoga: Mommy and me yoga classes with babies or toddlers provide a great way for moms to get back into shape after giving birth or stay in shape will bonding with their young child. The mind-body connection created during yoga also helps reduce stress, which is vital for busy moms who have more than enough to do.

Swimming: Swimming together can be a lot of fun for you and your child and is a fantastic learning experience for your little ones. Introduce your child to the water early on to encourage a lifelong love of swimming.

Dance: If you and your kids love dancing at home, a dance class is ideal for getting in your workout while providing a busy child with a fun way to release energy. Choose ballet, jazz or tap dance classes to take with your child.

Combine Social Time & Exercise

Couples Time: If it almost feels as if you have to schedule time together as a couple then committing to exercise together is one sure way to get your couple time while maintaining fitness. Bike, jog, walk or take a class together and don’t let anything interrupt your exercise time together.

Time with Friends and Other Moms: Where there’s one busy mom who needs to exercise there’s likely to be others. Get a group of moms together weekly to push the babies around in their strollers, bike with older children or rollerblade while the kids stay at home with dad.

However you choose to do it, making time to exercise is vital to preventing fatigue, dealing with stress and staying healthy. To be the best mommy possible, you have to take care of yourself first. Make a commitment to yourself to exercise using one or more of these suggestions so you can feel happier and healthier, no matter what your schedule looks like.


Author Bio: Paula I. works with a number of sites that help people compare car insurance from whatever auto insurance companies suit them best. When she’s not working, she loves to play volleyball with her two daughters.

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