How to Protect Your Kid from Obesity

The number of obese and overweight children has risen quite dramatically over the last two decades. Studies show that overweight children tend to grow into obese adults. In a survey conducted, it was seen that one in four children, especially in countries like the UK and the US, are overweight.

Out of all these children who were overweight, almost 7% of them were classified as obese. This has become one of the biggest concerns for authorities of public health sectors and parents.Obese Kid

What is obesity?

When the Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 30, the child is considered to be obese. The BMI is calculated by dividing the weight of the child’s body by double the child’s height. Obesity causes serious conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure and asthma as the child grows older. To avoid such lifelong implications, parents can do certain things to help protect their children.

Protecting Your Children from Getting Fat

Parents are the primary care-takers of the children and it automatically becomes their responsibility to protect their children from growing fat and developing health issues. Parents can help their kids by:

Cutting back on fast food: Fast food is a major temptation, when it comes to children. Fast food consumption causes weight gain in children and adults. The food stuff isn’t healthy like they claim to be. Eating less of these foods can prevent obesity in children. The child can also be educated about the negativities of fast food and the harm they cause the body.

Buy fewer sodas and high-calorie snack foods: Children, consume atleast one sugar-rich food item, daily. More than that, the soda consumption has increased by over 30% and so has the levels of fructose syrup consumption.

For every can of sugar that the child consumes, not only increases the growth in the BMI but also leads to severe obesity in future. You can advise your child and restrict him from consuming high-calorie snack foods and protect the health of your child. Also, include a healthy diet and try your hand at preparing snacks that could be healthy.

Encouraging your child to move about: In today’s world, technology is the answer to everything. Children today do not know the joy of playing a game by physically exerting themselves. Video games and television are the popular means of entertainment.

Restrict your child from sitting in front of the computer and television for long hours and instead, engage him in physically straining activities and games. You could organize fun trips and treks and include many such innovate ideas to keep your child moving at all points of time.

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