Do You Think You Have No Time To Eat Right? Think Again!

Busy people often find that there is simply too much to do to stop and worry about eating right. Whether you’re a full-time student, a harried parent or a full-time worker, you may think that you simply don’t have the time to eat properly. The truth is that you don’t have to cook a four-course meal to eat healthy. Here are five ways that you can eat right on the go:Pizza

1.Freeze Your Meals

Most people have at least one day off during the week. Use this day to prepare your meals for the coming week. Cook a pot of chili, toss a casserole in the oven or go the grocery store and buy healthy foods that will last in the fridge. It’s just as fast to grab a container from the freezer or an apple from the refrigerator as it is to pull up to the drive-thru window.

2.Have it Delivered

Restaurants that have delivery options available often have healthy foods on their menu that you can choose from. Instead of being hurried at the order counter, you can sit at your desk and scour the menu for healthy choices. Food delivery is incredibly convenient, especially for office workers. You can place your order online or over the phone before your lunch break, and your food will be delivered hot and fresh just in time for you to sit down and eat. If you prefer your quick delivery to be healthy, a great option is Chinese food.

3.Stock Your Drawers

If you really are too busy to eat a full meal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t snack on healthy foods while you go about your day. Keep a box of energy bars, a few pieces of fruit or some granola in your desk drawer. Keep your fridge stocked with cups of yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables that you can grab on the fly.

4.Keep a Recipe Box

When you have an hour or two to sit down and relax, get online and find recipes that are quick and easy to cook. Collect recipes that take less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook, and put all of the recipes in a box. Whenever you’re pressed for time, pull a recipe out of the box and get cooking! Look for recipes that use basic foods like rice, pasta, beans and canned goods. These are all foods that you can keep in your pantry to use on a moment’s notice!

5.The Drive-Thru

While the drive-thru is not the optimal choice for eating on the go, you can make healthy choices at your local fast-food restaurant. When you head to the drive-thru for lunch, look for salads or grilled sandwiches instead of traditional fried options. Never super-size your meal and skip anything that is cooked in oil! More chain restaurants are listening to customer demands and offering healthier options on their menus, making it easier to order a low-cal lunch.

Don’t make being busy your excuse for not eating properly. If you cook meals ahead of time, pack your desk drawer with healthy snacks and make wise decisions at the drive-thru window, you can eat a nutritious meal no matter how hectic your day is!

Leslie Reynolds is a freelance blogger and occasionally writes for a site she loves using to find a local Delivery Chinese Restaurant using their Delivery NYC directory.

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