Celebrating With a Wine Dinner Party

Toasting to any occasion that requires celebration, whether it is a wedding or a birthday, should have good wine. It is once in awhile when people say cheers because of good things happening in their lives. These are worth remembering and throwing a party is one way of doing it. Have a dinner party that serves good wine to add more fun to the night with your family and friends. How do you decide on which wine to buy when hosting your party? Here are a few suggestions: Wine Dinner Party

Preparing for the party

  • Have a specific budget for the party to know what kind you will get.
  • Know whether you are throwing a cocktail or formal dinner party.
  • Know how many bottles you will need by counting the number of guests expected to attend. A bottle of wine can serve bout five to six glasses. So allot perhaps three to four glasses per guest.
  • Always have extra bottles at the party so that you will not ran out of it. It is better to have more so that you are prepared in case people want to drink more wine.
  • Sparkling wine like Prosecco is slightly sweet. It is perfect for aperitif. Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are a bit more expensive but it suits formal dinners. Chardonnay and Champagne are other good options you can choose from when buying wines.
  • Have both red and white wines because guests’ preferences over the two choices differ. It is better to be prepared so have both of them there.
  • Use the right type of glasses from you wine glass rack. Red wines use bigger wine glasses while white wines use smaller ones. Have both kinds in the party. If you don’t have the necessary ones from your own wine glass rack, purchase good quality ones from the store. You will be able to use them even after the party.
  • Also dessert wines are perfect for parties. It can go with tarts, pies or cakes served after the main course.

Enjoy the night of celebration with good wine and good food. Toast to good health and even more prosperous events in the future. A dinner wine party doesn’t have to be so expensive. As long as it is fun and everyone you love is present then that’s what matters the most. Here’s a cheer to a long life!

Author Bio: Liz De Ocampo owns a blog about food and drinks. She’s also passionate about writing interesting topics such as finding the best wine glass rack, tasting exquisite wine, and cooking with wine recipes. For a great selection of wine glass rack, you may visit www.wineglassrackinfo.com

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