Enjoying a Summer Vacation on a Budget

Getting away from the stress of everyday life is rejuvenating. Vacations also provide the opportunity to share fun memories with the family or special friends. Even if the budget is tight this summer, an inspiring vacation is still possible. The trick to getting away for a dream vacation on a budget is planning and finding the right resources.Summer Vacation

Stay Closer To Home

If you’re fortunate enough to live within in driving distance of a popular destination, e.g. Disneyland, or SeaWorld, you will find tremendous savings by avoiding airplane costs. Oftentimes these types of parks recognize locals, and offer discounts especially to them. This makes a tempting fun summer vacation for a lot less than traveling farther away.

Regardless of being a local or not, many parks also offer package deals. For example, you can pay one low price for a three day stay. Packages are also beneficial if the park has multiple sites which will eliminate the need to purchase tickets for each one individually.

Look for All Inclusive Deals

Several locations in the Caribbean offer all inclusive packages. This translates to paying one cost for all meals, hotel, alcoholic beverages, and sometimes even entertainment. The appeal of an all-inclusive vacation is the ability to enjoy the beach, dining, and relaxation without having to worry about carrying a lot of extra cash, since everything is already paid for.

Go On a Group Tour

For those who are a bit more adventurous, joining in on a group tour can be cost effective because businesses make their profit in volume. This is preferable if you don’t mind traveling by bus or train, and with other people who are strangers to you. Such tours visit popular destinations, as well as out of the way places, like a “dude ranch” in Wyoming. By searching the internet for a tour that fits your needs, you are bound to find a location that fits within your budget.

Try Camping

No matter what state you live in, there is a great location for you to find a summer vacation. Camping provides families the experience of the outdoors without the distraction of televisions, video games, and cell phones. It’s also economical since camping is only a fraction of the cost of hotel rooms. Renting or borrowing equipment is a great alternative to having to purchase something new. Many campground sites offer great amenities for example, pools and bike rentals. Besides, when it’s summer who wouldn’t want to be outside the fresh air?

Taking vacations on a budget does not mean lowering your expectations. Advance planning and being aware of the costs of convenience can trim expenses considerably. A dream vacation is possible with the right set of resources.

This is a guest post by Andrew Greene. Andrew Greene is a freelance writer and blogs for cash-loans.co.uk where he goes when he needs cash loans.

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