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The summer season is at its peak and the summer heat is making its presence felt. The rising temperatures, excessive heat and soaring humidity bring with it myriad of problems. Prickly heat is the most common problem in summers. The long languorous days of hot and humid weather can really be torturous to people whose skin has a tendency to break into prickly heat rashes.

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The rising levels of mercury causes excessive sweating which often leads to skin irritation, itching and redness of the skin with prickly sensation. Prickly heat also known as summer rashes is caused by blocked pores. The skin has small pores which are connected to sweat glands. These pores get blocked due to dirt or dead skin. The sweat glands are unable to release sweat and the presence of bacteria results in irritation in the skin and itching and lead to formation of small blisters. The rashes usually occur in the neck, under the breast, armpits, groins and back.

Prickly heat can easily be managed by age old home remedies. Most important part of fighting prickly heat is to fight heat and stay cool. Anything that helps in bringing down the body temperature and has a cooling effect will prove effective in preventing or curing prickly heat.

Fruits like watermelon, kokum, cucumber and coconut are front runners when it comes to handling prickly heat. Home remedies that can be of great help in tackling the prickly heat problem are:

  • Sattu (powder or flour of roasted grams) can be a boon for people suffering from prickly heat rashes. Consuming it every day can keep these rashes at bay. Sattu mixed with water and little sugar gives immediate relief.
  • Watermelon is a natural way of treating prickly heat. Watermelon brings down the temperature both from within and outside (the skin) facilitating the healing of the summer rashes. Consuming it cools the body internally and brings down the temperature while external application cools down the body externally and gives instant relief from prickly heat. Cut open the fruit and eat the reddish pulp of watermelon. Apply the inner part of the peel to the affected area to get relief from prickly heat. You can mash the reddish pulp of watermelon for applying on the rashes.
  • The goodness of tender coconut water is known to each of us. Just go and drink it. Drink as much as you feel like. It will not only take care of summer rashes but will also hydrate and energize you in this heat. External application of tender coconut water is very beneficial on prickly heat rashes.
  • A paste of sandalwood powder in rose water when applied to the affected parts gives immediate relief and cooling effect. It soothes the inflamed areas due to prickly heat.
  • Boil neem leaves in water. Strain and cool the water. Use this water for applying on the affected areas to get respite from prickly heat.
  • Camphor gives immediate relief from burning and itching caused due to prickly heat. Dissolve camphor in neem oil and apply on the affected parts of the face and body.
  • Camphor in coconut oil:  Dissolve a few pieces of camphor in coconut oil and apply this oil on the rashes. It works wonders and gives instant relief. Apply at regular intervals to heal the rashes quickly.
  • Kokum is very effective in preventing or treating prickly heat. It is one of the most effective cures for prickly heat. Just dissolve a few pieces of kokum in a glass of water for three-four hours. Strain the water and boil till reduced to half. Let it cool down. Add sugar and drink the formulation. Kokum sherbets are also available in the market.
  • Multani metti or Fuller’s Earth is well known for its cooling effects. Make a paste of Multani metti in water and smear it over the affected areas of the body. Let it dry on its own. The paste will stiffen and dry after sometime and you will experience stretching of the skin. After it dries, the up completely, have cold water bath. The clogged sweat pores on the skin will open with this treatment and prickly heat rashes will disappear. This remedy is still being practiced in villages for treating prickly heat.
  • Aloe vera gel is known for its properties for healing the skin problems. Apply the gel on the affected parts of the face and body for an instant, soothing effect on rashes and continue doing so for getting rid of prickly heat.

Apart from the above remedies it is equally important to follow the following tips:

  • Bathe several times with cold water. A towel dipped in cold water can be applied onto the summer rashes. It is a very effective way to bring down the body temperature and give relief from burning and itching.
  • Avoid hot water baths.
  • Wipe off the sweat from your body as soon as it occurs. Do not wait for it to dry. If sweating profusely, wash the sweat with fresh water.
  • Wear loose-fighting light colored clothes made of natural fibres. Let your skin breathe.
  • Avoid tight-fitting or polyester clothes. Polyester fabric will aggravate skin rashes.
  • If prickly heat rashes are troubling your toddler, change the nappy frequently. Change the diaper of the infant the moment it gets wet.
  • Go for summer fruits like watermelon, musk melon, cucumber, pineapple, citrus fruits, tender coconut etc.
  • Use water-based moisturizers.
  • It will be wise to use an umbrella, cap and sunscreen lotion when going out. Apply sun screen at least half an hour before stepping out in the sun.
  • Drink plenty of water. Keep well hydrated.
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