Two Home Remodeling Ideas That Make Every Day a Vacation

Vacations are expensive, and it’s not always possible to find the time and money to get away from the hum-drum routine of daily life. That doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to sacrifice comfort, however; it’s entirely possible to create spaces within the home that feel like they’re separate from the external world. These rooms don’t have to be glamorous to provide a breather to those within the home, and being able to slip away from everything for a little quiet time can be just as relaxing as a real vacation.Old Bathroom

Comfort in the Bedroom

Bedrooms are intended to provide a relaxing atmosphere, and they are the easiest rooms to redecorate and rearrange. Women don’t need to worry about kids trucking through at all hours of the day, and it provides a clear boundary between mommy and daddy’s space and the rest of the house.

When it comes to redecorating, it’s the little things that count. Golden lampshades that cast a soothing light across the room help set the tone, and the right fabric can make sleep an eight-hour moment of ecstasy. Silk is wonderful for most of the year, and flannel sheets are perfect once the temperature drops. A woman who really wants to treat herself should invest in a down quilt. Keeping the windows open at night while wrapped in the warmest bedding available creates unique sensations through the contrast; it’s a way for a woman to feel like she’s spending the night at a mountain resort when actual mountains are far away.

Sometimes simply moving the bed to another spot can create a different atmosphere. Sleeping beneath a window can be bad for one’s health. If it’s not possible to place the bed somewhere else, feng shui experts believe that placing red tape at the side of the bed that faces the window blocks negative energy. Whether or not there’s any truth to the claim, feng shui provides a set of principles that manage to create a much more harmonious feel within living spaces. The placement of furniture is the simplest and subtlest thing that impacts the feel of a room, and it’s the easiest thing to experiment with.

Paradise in the Bathroom

One reason that the master bedroom is the perfect choice for a restful in-home getaway is that there’s usually a bathroom right next to it, and the combination of a well-decorated bedroom with a cozy bathroom provides a wonderful one-two punch. It’s easy to turn a bathroom into a spa-like environment, and there’s nothing like a hot bath and the scent of incense to help someone forget the stresses of the day.

The bathroom is one area of the home that’s worthwhile to remodel, and some big things can be done for relatively little money. Natural stone floors cost about $10 per square foot, and given the average size of a bathroom, the total cost can come in well under a thousand dollars depending on the location.

If there’s no actual bathtub within the bathroom, investing in new shower heads and other accessories can make it into an equally relaxing way to spend some time. Those with a bathtub can add whirlpool attachments to mimic the feel of a Jacuzzi. Of course, lighting should never be overlooked; a light system that can vary the brightness of the lights is ideal, but in cases where the practical aspects of life have to take precedence over all else, candles can help foster the relaxing mood that a dimmer switch would.

Getting Away at Home

People spend much of their lives in their homes, and the home shouldn’t be the kind of environment that someone is eager to escape. It should be a cozy little nook that’s away from the rest of the world even if it’s located in a big city. It’s psychologically healthier, and it helps someone live life to the fullest right where’s she’s at instead of always leaving her pining for something else. Everyone deserves to feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury at least once in a while.

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