How to Make a Living Room Feel Larger

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the home. It is used on a very regular basis by every member of a household. It is often the room in the home where family come to relax after a hard day. Therefore, every living room needs to feel comfortable and inviting and needs to look spacious. This can be difficult though for homes that only have a very compact living room. However, by following a few simple tips any living room can be made to look a lot more spacious.Compact Living Room

Choose colour carefully

The colour of a room can make all the difference between making it seem small, dark and confining and making the room seem light, airy and spacious. For any small room within the house it is never advisable to use dark colours. Even warm reds can make a room feel very confined if each wall is painted in block colour. Instead, focus on using cool and light colours such as light blues. These will open up the space and make the room seem larger to the eye.

Another clever trick is to purchase furniture that is the same colour as the walls. If an armchair is the same colour as the wall behind it the armchair will virtually blend into the room and will make the room feel wider and more airy. Try and make the most of any natural light that can get into the room as well.

Positioning the furniture

The position of the furniture within the room can also make a big difference. Make sure to position any furniture such as sofas, armchair or other bulky furniture around the outside of the room. Try not to break up the space in the middle of the room. In doing so the room will feel a lot bigger and the eye will be drawn to the wide, open space in the middle of the room.

Moreover, furniture can take up a lot of space. Only incorporate furniture in the living room that is necessary and try and use furniture for dual purposes. For instance, it is possible to purchase coffee tables that have additional storage space underneath.

Keep any small space tidy and organised

Nothing can make a room feel more small and cramped than having a lot of clutter around. Therefore, in attempting to make any room look larger it is important that the room is tidy and organised. The same principle works for the walls of the room as well. Try and leave them free of too many pictures. One will be enough and will not make the walls appear crowded. The use of mirrors within the room will also give the appearance of a larger space.

With the clever application of light and airy colours, positioning of furniture and by keeping a small room tidy and organised any room that is quite compact will be made to feel larger and more spacious.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of The Suite Company who stock all manner of armchairs and settees.

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