Look And Feel Your Best during Pregnancy

Welcoming a new baby is always a divine surprise. The joy of motherhood starts as the little infant begins growing in your womb. Initially it may put you in a slightly awkward situation but, as the days move on, you will be enjoying the experience of your maternity.

Obviously, you want to look and feel your best during pregnancy with your expanding stomach and, for that it is necessary to choose the right kind of maternity clothes. While choosing them think more about the quality of the dress rather than the quantity.

Remember that, in pregnancy, women are supposed to wear clothes that fit snugly and which are comfortable, clothes which are not too tight, especially at the waist to avoid causing harm to the unborn baby. Simply put, pregnancy is the time to feel and act beautifully and comfortably, and the only way you can achieve this is by investing in quality maternity outfits.Maternity Kurta

Choosing the right maternity clothes:
A generation ago, an expanding stomach was something on which you draped a large, unexceptional covering over to hide it from view. Today, pregnant women have an array of maternity clothing options available to them that promise to fit their moods, styles and professions as seamlessly as their bodies. Chic and playful or sophisticated and sassy, all types of outfits can now add a flare of style without forcing you to sacrifice comfort.

As a pregnant woman, a lot of changes take place in your body.

Your breasts, your uterus and your hips will grow. Even your shoe size can change – and don’t get worried by stretch marks. Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes. It’s this situation when the right maternity clothes can help you adjust according to the needs of your body and make you feel comfortable in this very special moment of your life. One great way to boost your self-confidence is to find maternity clothes that fit you in all the right places.

These clothes are supposed to fit loosely on the waist and abdomen part and be flattering in all other parts of the body.

One maternity clothes designer says, “Depending on your outside activities you need at least six to 12 sets of maternity clothes. You have to make separate plans for the outside clothes and for the inside. You should not go for buying all the clothes at one shot. It is a gradual process. But make sure that extra maternity dresses should be always available to you, in case you do not feel like going out.”

Look for soft material:
During pregnancy, due to hormonal variations and adjustments in the body, clothes are having a significant impact on your comfort and the health of your unborn baby. During this period your blood moves in a different pattern. You have to allow your blood to circulate freely and breathe through your skin.

If clothes are not of proper and soft material, allergy, rash and itching on the skin may put you in a painful situation. You must be careful that throughout the pregnancy you wear clothes which will not suffocate you. Natural cotton fibres are always preferable over synthetic fibres. Blouses should have added fabric in the direction of the base of the garment to permit the growing belly area. You may select bras that are having a flexible opening with a clip facility. You should go for soft, spongy, porous and flexible natural cotton clothes. For doing yoga and exercise during pregnancy especially, you must go in for loose cotton clothes. Working women must go in for dresses that fit the working environment of the office.Maternity Wear

Opt for darker tones since they tend to have a slimming effect on your body. Make sure the tops you buy have plenty of room for growth – without drooping of the shoulders. Both your bust and stomach will expand as you move through your second trimester. If your tops are too restrictive, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Go for designs which have vertical lines and avoid horizontal lines. In the same way, black has a slimming effect, so too do clothes with vertical focused patterns.

Flowers and spirals are the two most common designs for maternity dresses. If you don’t like them, go in for simple ones.

In your pregnancy wardrobe you’ll need plenty of panties and bras, of course. They should be comfortable and supportive without being too restrictive. You’ll also need a few pairs of pants.

Drawstrings are often a lifesaver when your body is growing. For a more casual look, consider buying one or two pairs of maternity jeans.

Dresses are also a boon because they can be slipped on and off quickly while providing plenty of ventilation. With a few scarves, jackets, and other items, you can mix and match two or three dresses into dozens of outfits.

“Stretchy shirts and tees, along with a few tank tops, V-necks, blouses, and button-downs will fill your closet with enough variety to mix and match throughout your pregnancy.

Sizes of the clothes are the most vital for selecting the garments during the maternity period. “As your belly grows larger and larger, you need flexible and bigger pants, kurtas, and bras. And if you wear sarees you need bigger blouses,” says a leading gynecologist. You can also easily find specially designed maternity skirts in the market.

These skirts are made of a soft and spongy kind of stretchy material to accommodate a wider mid -section during the motherhood.

“If you do not have the correct size maternity bra, you will feel terribly uneasy. If it is too loose you will look awkward and, of course, tight clothes are totally undesirable. When you buy, think about the flexibility and the elasticity of the bras. Special maternity bras are available in the market. You should be careful about the tight dress, particularly tight pants. They may cause harm to the unborn baby.

Be careful while choosing underwear’s and bras. They should not be tight. If one is tight, it will put additional pressure in the upper region of the breasts as it grows. While this occurs, it can obstruct the milk ducts; this surely causes an itching on the breast.

Pregnant women can add colour to their wardrobes especially when they are limited to few options. They should emphasize bright colours and well-styled clothes which will make them look elegant. One should wear peachy prints and horizontal stripes that look good during those days.

Clothing has to be functional, breathable and non-transparent. Basic pants in white, black or bright colours can be worn with a kurta. Not only this, one can have maternity bathing suits and plus-sized clothing.”

For winter, you need warm, loose and soft woolen maternity clothes. You should go for light-weight garments. Avoid heavy garments, because mostly they are suffocating during pregnancy. For summer, you may go for light-colored cotton dresses.

Tips on Choosing Maternity Clothes

  • Prefer clothing that is stretchable and stylish.
  • Buy patterns or designs that you normally like to wear. Buy dresses that have extra pleats because they can be adjusted once you start growing.
  • Do not wear accessories like belts and clothing with elastic bands, which hinders the blood flow, particularly around the midsection.
  • Pregnant women need to wear flat shoes. They will also need a good pair of sneakers as the doctor will ask them go to for walks as part of their exercise programme.
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