You are pregnant, Now what?

Did you get a BFP (Big Fat Positive as they call it in the motherhood/baby care websites)? So, you are pregnant. Now what lies ahead for you on this beautiful bumpy (pun intended) road in pregnancy?You are Pregnant Now What

Sharing the news:
Sharing the news with family members, friends, colleagues and older kids are all equally important. Colleagues need to know for sure, because back up plans need to be made at your work place during your maternity leave. The sooner, the better they know. You need to break this news in a very careful way to your older kids. Tell them that they are going to become elder brother/sister rather than telling them a baby is on the way. Tell them they are getting responsibilities because they are getting bigger. Make them feel great. Make them feel the baby on the way is more about them than about yourself or the baby. Give your baby extra love and make them feel all the more cherished now.

Choose a gynecologist:
Consult with a gynecologist. Your first pre natal appointment is going to be a deciding factor on whether you want to continue with the same gynecologist or not. Certain women also opt for mid wives. Get a good child birth instructor. Enquire and find a good person suitable for you who understands you and with whom you feel safe and comfortable.

General health (nausea, tiredness):
It is common to have morning sickness during your pregnancy. Drink a lot of fluids. Eat short healthy snacks of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and the like. Eat healthy those foods which are high in protein and fiber. Don’t snack on fast foods. Consult your obstetrician if your morning sickness is uncontrollable.
Rest well. Whenever you feel like putting up your legs, do so. If you feel like napping, please go ahead. Do not have second thoughts. Take all the rest you feel like. After all, once that bundle of joy arrives, your shut eye would become too precious and rare.

Eat good food:
Eat good food. This needs no introduction. All expectant mothers are pampered in a general way. They are fed till their seams burst (pun intended). But the catch is, do not eat for two as they call it. Eat right. Eat when you are hungry. And eat more often, but in moderate quantities rather than binging. Eat foods rich in proteins, fiber, calcium and iron. Eat enough calories. Drink a lot of fluids. Indulge in those pregnancy cravings. Perhaps, it is your body’s way of letting you know what you need.

Sign up for information:
This could be a website. Sign up at various websites which gives a lot of information for mothers-to-be. There also websites which give week by week updates about what you can expect and how your baby grows and what kind of foods you would need most. You could also sign up for information or prenatal classes. Talk more to your gynecologist about this. Pre natal classes also give tips to you and your partner about what to expect during labor and how to handle it well. Get a support group in your community. It could be mothers who are pregnant in your locality.

Go shopping for baby and you:
Make a lit of things you would need after baby arrives. A good crib or bed is a must. Diapers, baby clothes, post natal clothes for yourself and more. The list could be endless. You have ten whole months. Be prepared. You will have no time for shopping after baby arrives, unless you are well planned for this.
An important thing is to also decide on what type of parenting style you are going to adopt. Examples are, using cloth diapers or disposables, breast feeding or formula feeding and such. Make informed decisions. Analyze pros and cons and what suits you and your situation the best. There are so many decisions one would need to make. Discuss these with your partner, your own mother or elderly ladies in your families. Talk to your doctor also.

Decisions for after baby is born:
Make decisions about cord blood banking. Check out the comprehensive newborn screening test available at your hospital. If it is not exhaustive, you would need to look out for various options. Birth control options can also be looked at, for after is born. Maybe you would not want to get pregnant immediately after baby is born.

Pamper yourself, indulge yourself:
You need a break now and then during the tenure of your pregnancy. Go for long drives, walks by the woods, run perfumed baths once a week, lie down and relax, visit a spa and check out pregnancy safe treatments, listen as often as you want to, to your favorite music, read a lot if you like, sign up for those classes you have always wanted to, go shopping once in a while, call up your old buddies to visit you, do anything and everything your heart desires. It’s the best time of your life. Just be happy!

Naming the baby:
In India, determination of the sex of the fetus is illegal. But perhaps in other countries it is legal. So, think of baby names. I know, I know, this last tip needs no prompting!

And congratulations on your pregnancy. Life cannot be more benevolent :)

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