How to stop being a sex object

Woman has been known as the fair sex, weaker sex and the symbol of sex for ages. These three phrasal expressions are unanimously used for her. She is said to be the glory of creation. Now, if we minutely observe, some women fall in the first category, called ‘fair sex’, while the other are still the ‘weaker sex’ in this 21st century of women’s empowerment, and the third category belongs to those who get projected by men or at times, they on their own, willingly project themselves as a ‘symbol of sex’. They are aptly referred as fair sex because they are fair and beautiful as well as fair at heart also.

For ages, woman has travelled a long way to achieve her own space and identity as a human being in this relentless society where her voice is hardly heard. Society has not been reasonably fair to women for long.

From the mythological age till date, Sita, Draupadi, Shakuntala, Roopkanwar, Bhanwari Devi, Safiya, to name a few – all had a history of sufferings. Though today this ‘weaker sex’ is no more weak, she has proved her might, courage and varied ability in various fields but still she is pitiably abused and victimized sexually. This is the sick attitude which underlines the issue of woman as a human being or an object of sex.

Every day, the cases of sexual abuse, sexual violence and sexual exploitation are reported. Her sexual abuse begins from home. Woman’s sexual exploitation by close acquaintances is usually given specious appearance.

Metro cities, small towns, villages – all are unsafe for women. Woman has to be on her guard always. Going alone even in day time is fraught with danger. If she is found alone on a little deserted road or area, men would start following her and make lewd remarks. Their values lapse within a wink as soon as they see women around. They get abnormal. At workplace or any other place, she is reduced to cleavage or shapely waist by males. They ignore her varied caliber and, if they are able to see it , they do not acknowledge it. However mentally and emotionally strong she is, but physically she is always subjugated and victimized.Indian Fashion Model - Anupama

Probably that’s why she is called ‘weaker sex’. Well, her kidnapping, sexual harassment, emotional torture, cheating and beating has been going on since the Ramayan and Mahabharat age to the modern age by a large number of Ravans, Kauravs and Pandavs.

From small screen to big screen, from product endorsement to modeling, she is presented as hot cake or a symbol of sex. In the rat race of achievements, she is usually misled. Often it is seen that there are many female models who do not carry the same approach. If some girls are ready to wear skimpy clothes to get fame fast, there are many others who are not comfortable with the idea of revealing their body unnecessarily or at all. But the men’s world is least bothered about the repercussions that affect a woman and her life negatively.

No Self-Assertion

She is not allowed to assert her wish of dressing up dignifiedly while doing an ad or film or dance number. If she doesn’t obey the commands of her mentor, she is turned out of the project. So, in such unfavorable conditions, only two options are left to her – either bow or leave the assignment. Some models who cannot afford to leave and have a dire need to survive, surrender them-selves and get caught up in the snare of sexual exploitation.

It is true to a certain extent that from glamorous to corporate jobs, all welcome fast women and give them fast promotions. But it is also as true as sunshine that after a point, a deadlock persists and it doesn’t let those women who use sex as a tool move ahead because further higher level promotions require calibre and ability which such sex-oriented women do not possess. Revealing outfits do make her saleable in the beginning and that too, within a particular circle but later on they get stuck and unable to move ahead.

Today’s much sought-after ‘trend’ of bare backs, bare shoulders – is so infectious that no sooner a girl gets recognition in acting, singing or dancing she is seen wearing an ultramodern revealing outfit the very next day. Lata Mangeshkar never opted for trendy dresses to reach the pinnacle. Probably today’s woman feels that carrying a sexy get-up is the only way to achieve success and loads of money.

This trend, this approach, is really very dangerous as well as regrettable. These days’ women surrender to the sex demands of their promoters whimsically and repent afterwards. Later on, some victims dare to sue cheats while the other are lost in dark oblivion forever.

Women need to realize the fact that had sex and sexy image been the key to success, all those women would have got it 100 per cent who adopted it lavishly. But the reality is vice versa. Truth is bitterly just the opposite. Such unfortunate women get faded before they could shine. They often forget that a bare body only makes them a commodity which gradually eats them up and their careers.

For example, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat created ripples flaunting her bare body but her sensation was over soon. While Vidya Balan entered Bollywood’s glamorous world with much simplicity and grace without revealing her body from her first film Parinita till date and gripped the heart of audiences since then. Without a streak of glamour, she has been surviving in Bollywood with lots of prestigious awards. Similarly, Jaya Bachchan, Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi always ruled the roost through their talent and pure talent only. That’s the power of woman and her hidden talent…!

If young chics feel that at their workplace they will reach the heights swiftly through sexy make- over it is simply their mistaken notion. They should not forget that a sexy image with seductive looks are welcomed but never respected. They have transitory mesmerism. So it can’t be refuted that women with talent and capability achieve success definitely.

Not sex but their talent and caliber lead them on the path of glory. Likewise, those ads are most popular and highly appreciated which are intelligently carved and weaved with utter creativity without counting on a woman’s bare body.

Woman’s ability and talent carry an un-faded appeal that lasts forever. Well, this truth can also not be denied that a woman herself is never willing to take off her clothes unless a man compels her to do so on some pretext or the other. Needless to say, it is a man’s world that misleads a woman and reduces her to a saturated sexy image. Women are befooled and cheated by the men’s tall talk and false projection of a great future and thus get disoriented. A woman’s real virtues are pushed aside and only a large, sexy cut-out is thrust upon her.

If you have spark, the world will bow before you. A woman needs to be united and firm to bring the change to the commercial ‘sex object’ image. First, she has to be fair to herself then no one can dare mop her dignity and grace up.

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