What do Women want in Bed?

He never cuddles me before making love, neither does he fondle. I like foreplay, but he is only interested in the final act. Every time we make love, I feel that for him it is only a physical routine, not an emotional feeling or intimacy.” “He never kisses me when we make love. I hate that. And not only that, he is done before I even get aroused.”

What women want in bed is poles apart from what men want. Men pursue sex and women pursue love and romance. Men will often use love to get sex and many women will use sex to get love. It usually works out pretty well in the end, as most people realize that they want and need both.

The sexual energy of a female is more like water on the boil. It can take a little time to get the temperature to rise. For a man, on the other hand, it is quick to ignite like a fire, and is ready for intercourse in a matter of minutes.

Build emotional connections: Having intimacy is what a couple needs. Knowing what your partner wants in bed is something that is always good to know so that you can make each other happy and comfortable.

Talk to her and see if she will tell you what she really wants out of the sexual relationship that you have together. Find out what she is feeling and what she needs to have to make her feel good.

Couple Kissing in BedMost men now seem to realize that women need foreplay to feel fully aroused. What is not so commonly known is that prior to physical foreplay, women need emotional foreplay; lots of non-sexual affection such as, hugging, kissing and stroking and appreciation for what they do for their partners.

If a man spends more time building an emotional connection with a woman, he will be rewarded with more hot, passionate sex. This means that a woman usually needs to feel desired and loved before she opens herself up for sex. Once the woman’s heart is opened, the sexual energy then flows down to her sex organs and begins to desire the final act.

A majority of women prefer emotional intimacy in bed. If you do not have intimacy in your relationship and do not know how to pleasure her then this thing will hurt your relationship with women. Even you do want long lovemaking sessions.

They want you to touch them with confidence and do not wait for their approval for every little thing you do. If you ask her if she is feeling like making love tonight or should you get ready for wild lovemaking, then she is truly going to reject you unless she is really starving for sex.

This is why emotional bonding and emotional intimacy is so necessary if you want to pleasure her.

Foreplay is important: Foreplay is everything here and it starts long before you even reach the bedroom.

In the early stages of a relationship, when couples are deeply in love, they talk to each other in a loving, caring and interested way. They connect and listen, gaze into each other’s eyes and, of course, they are totally present in their attention. They could be talking about anything or nothing in particular, but what is really happening is that they are connecting. This is when the mind starts generating desire and interest.

The imagination creates its own fantasies. You look at your lover’s hands and imagine being touched by those hands. You watch your lover speaking and find yourself turned on by the sound of his voice. Throughout the day, you think about those kisses, close your eyes and imagine being kissed. You think about how he has touched you before, and recall those memories through your senses.

Gently snuggling into each other and casually running fingers softly along a face or arms or back has a soothing effect. Soft, gentle or playful kisses and then a little more conversation or silence; a woman needs to feel she is the focus of your attention.

What she thinks and how she feels will open her up or close her down. The greatest turn-on for a woman is when a man cares about her, treats her like she is beautiful and highly desirable. If you really want to make a woman vibrate, then you had better assure her that everything about her is special, exciting and desirable. Women need more stimulation to catch up, and a smart man should know this.

Women want their partners to be aggressive sex partners. They may even wish their partners to tie them up, strike them and also have their hair pulled and treat them with all kinds of cruelties in bed. Women simply love to have aggressive sex with their male partners. This doesn’t mean you have to be harsh with her.

A little roughing up in the bed is sure to work wonders. Women get bored with the same old routine in bed. Certainly she’s going to love it when her man treats her roughly and raunchily after a night of delicate sex.

She is special: A woman wants a man to treat her like gold and give her the satisfaction that she wants. Make her feel special. You may want to give her some rose petals or some candles around the bed. Make her feel like she is worth the extra time that you have put into this special moment together. You can also try buying her some lingerie or sweet-smelling perfume.

Make her want to be with you and feel good. Take out the time for shopping with her and make her feel as special as she is. Every woman wants to feel like she is special and that she has the endless love of their companion. She wants to feel like a woman and to be touched in a way that makes her feel good. It is going to be well worth the extra effort because you are going to have the ability to create a special sexual bond with her inside and outside the bedroom as well.

She wants the full attention and focus of her partner. Lots of women want their men to focus on their entire bodies. She wants him to lick and kiss everything from her ankles to the small of her backs. She wants him to arouse sensations that come from somewhere other than her vagina. Maybe, spending a little time on her inner thigh or kissing her wrist is not such a bad idea. And, by doing so, she will likely do it to you as well.

After orgasm, chemicals are released in a man’s body which genuinely makes him feel sleepy, but this is no excuse to ignore your partner. A woman needs to feel safe and loved after sex, otherwise she can feel used. A hug, a kiss and appreciative words such as, “That was wonderful” or “I feel so close to you” are enough to make a woman feel emotionally connected.

Kissing: Women love good kissing. A good kiss sends a shiver right through a woman’s body and makes her toes curl. Men can often overlook the power of a good kiss. Kissing is such an intimate thing that it is not just highly erotic, but really conveys a depth of feeling that intercourse cannot.

Kissing someone you love is unbelievably beautiful and a huge turn-on. The art of kissing is almost as important as sexual technique. Good kissing also requires a slow and gentle start.

Kissing can start by softly and casually touching your lips to your partner’s neck when you first cuddle in together, or light, gentle kisses anywhere on the face or near the ear. Being kissed near the ear, or a soft moist tongue touching a ear, is a real turn-on.

Touch: Gently stroking your loverʼs body can greatly increase arousal and is also considered as caring and loving. Too light a touch can be ticklish and distracting, and absent-mindedly touching one spot will be annoying or numbing.

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2 Responses to “What do Women want in Bed?”

  1. Adult Sex Toys says:

    It’s so woman-dependent! I have some friends who absolutely love it rough (some hellishly so!) whilst others only love really soft/delicate sex.

    Just makes us more mysterious :) xxx

  2. Carol White says:

    All above comments are totally true, but sometimes women like a little roughness in sex